Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last 4 weeks

Well I certainly haven't been blogging lately. I have been running pretty well. I won't post every run. Here are the weekly numbers:

Nov 21-27: 68 miles-with a 15:40 5k and a nice 18mile long run as the highlights.

Nov 28-Dec 4: 58 miles-a nice 2000m workout and a 19mile trail run in Saxton River w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Najem, the girls and Whistle

Dec 5-11: 50miles- ran a 15:59 5K at the Jingle Bell 5K in Concord. I went out way too fast (4:49) and suffered the next two miles. Last year I was 10 seconds slower at the mile and ran 15:44. Patience pays.

Dec 12-18: 59miles- ran a good track workout and then had a good indoor meet at BU. Ran a new p.r. in the 3000-8:48. I ran pretty well, got stuck in no-man's land late in the race and kind of just hung on. I followed that up with a 2:02 800m, where I won my heat. I was in 3rd just about the whole time and I was hurting. When the bell sounded it triggered something in me that made me dig down for a big kick. Yikes, 800's are a shock to the system. Looking forward to racing some more indoor track and dipping sub 2 and running in the 8:30's.

That's it. I've been lifting 3 times a week and feeling really good. My mileage is a little low but I'm ok with that this time of year with the lack of day light and I've been reffing basketball quite a bit. I plan on increasing the mileage in January and starting some doubles. Looking forward to the Millenium Mile on Jan 1st. I'll try to keep the blog up for my millions of fans.


  1. jeez dude way to hold out..if u only post once a month what am i supposed to read at work...

  2. Less blogging, more kicking ass.....