Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week of July 26th-August 1st

Monday: 0 miles - hike on Mt. Grace w/Jen and Griffin - have a nasty cold

Tuesday: am 5 mi / 34 min. in Friedsam w/Griffin
pm 16mi / 1:50 in Drummer/Goose Pond Maze w/ Goupil got lost, hot, tired, thirsty and we saw a huge black bear!

Wednesday: am 8mi / 66 min. in Pisgah w/Jen, Glenn, and Griffin-swim in Kilburn after
pm 9mi* / 62 min. track workout 8 x 400m @ R pace (66-65 seconds) w/400 recovery w/Andy-good workout! Feeling strong.

Thursday: am 5mi / 37 min. on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Jen and Griffin -lifted upper body
pm 10mi / 63 min. on Keene Rail Trail - tired legs

Friday: 5mi / 34 min. in Pisgah w/Griffin

Saturday: 9mi / 58 min in Pisgah w/Griffin-lifted arms

Sunday: 20mi / 2:20 in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the girls(Lena, Ellie, and Griffin)

Total: 87 miles - Good Week. Happy to get a good long run in and some good mileage.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mt. Grace

Today Jen, Griffin, and I decided to hike up Mt. Grace in nearby Warwick, Mass. The weather was absolutely beautiful: 80 degrees with very low humidity. We decided to take the summit trail which is 1.4 miles.

It started out in the woods with a nice wide, well-groomed trail. The incline was moderate which made for very easy hiking. So easy in fact, I walked in sandals. After hiking for 10 minutes the trail merges with a fire road to the summit. We followed the dirt road to the summit and there was a fire tower.

There was another hiker on the top and we had a nice chat with him and climbed the tower. There were fantastic 360 degree views. Mt. Monadnock looked so clear and close, we could also see Mt. Greylock, the Green Mtns, Brattleboro, and the Quabbin Reservoir. We took the same trail down and ran into a little garter snake crossing our path.

We finished our little adventure with a pizza and a pepsi. What a great trip, I'm looking forward to going there again with some more friends.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tornadoes, Monsoons, and Humidity

Jen, Griffin, and I headed down to Rhode Island on Wednesday morning. The goal was to have some fun at the beach, hang with my family, and run the Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile road race on Friday the 23rd. Oh, I also had the goal of running the Westerly Fun Run on Wednesday night. Secretly, I cared more about this fun run with 40 people, than I did about the Blessing with 3,000 people. Why? This race has had a long tradition of really fast collegians running some pretty sweet times. Only a handful of people had run sub 15min on the course. I wanted to add my name to the list. I knew that I would be the oldest guy on the list, with everyone else doing it under the age of 23. That was my goal: 14:59 or bust.
I spent a great day with Jen at the beach body surfing huge waves. I even enjoyed a delicious adult beverage with my lunch at Paddy's. I got home from the beach sunburned, dehydrated, and a little tired from being thrashed in the ocean. I hydrated, changed into running clothes, and headed to the fun run with my father and Jen. I did a good 3 mile warm-up, running the course. My body felt pretty good, no lingering soreness from Stowe on Sunday. The biggest problem was gonna be the weather. The sky was completely dark with clouds and thunder rolling in the distance. I hate lightning! As the race started I noticed Andrew Springer at the starting line. He was the fastest highschool miler in 2009 running 4:02, currently racing for Georgetown. I thought I might have some company to help me reach my goal. As the race started, I realized quickly that I was running solo, Andrew was doing a tempo run. Oh well. I hit the mile in 4:57 as the lightning was coming down around me. I started the 2nd mile running into a stiff head wind and the sky looked very frightening. The weather forecast said there could be tornadoes in the area! I wasn't sure if I should keep running or hide in one of the neighborhood houses. I pushed on hitting the only hill on the course and running into the wind. My 2nd mile was 5:18. Yikes, I figured my chances were over, but pushed on. It started pouring my last mile with instant puddles on the course. I gritted my teeth and hit the line in 15:16. My last mile was 5:00. Not too shabby. The weather really didn't help my cause. Next time!
The Blessing of the Fleet was on Friday. I really couldn't get excited for this race. The best part was hanging w/Jen, Bentley, Jonny, and the Motts. My legs were sore from the 3 miler. I lined up hoping to p.r. for 10 miles(sub 53:45) I knew though, that this wasn't very realistic. I just wanted to go sub 55. I worked with 4 guys in the 2nd chase pack and ended up neg. splitting: 27:30/27:10. There was an absolute monsoon for the last mile and a half. It was fun running in it, because there was no lightning and it was cool. My final time was 54:40 a new p.r. for that course. The last time I ran it was 2001 in 57:02. We had a fun dinner afterwords, exchanging race stories and laughs.
Saturday morning Jen, Griffin, and I ran one of the most miserable runs I've ever done. It was 200% humidity with tons of deer flies. My legs were pretty destroyed and the pace was a shuffle. Tomorrow, I hope to get a good long run in, back in New Hampshire. It was a fun week in Rhody with some memorable weather.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week of July 19th-25th

Monday: am 5mi / 41 min. Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Jen and Griffin-saw a red fox
pm 9mi / 64 min. in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Boj, and the girls(Lena, Ellie, Griffin) swim after in Kilburn Pond

Tuesday: 12mi / 1:25 in the Gilsum Woods w/George and Griffin

Wednesday: am 2.5mi / 18 min. in Friedsam Forest w/Griffin
pm 7.5mi / 46min Westerly 3mi* Fun Run: 15:16 (5:05) 1st place, splits(4:57,5:18,5:00)
body surfing huge waves at Misquamicut

Thursday: am 5mi / 45 min. in Burlingame State Park w/Jen and Griffin
pm 9mi / 60min. in Burlingame (Sammy C. Trail) w/deer flies
beach day, smaller waves today

Friday: 12 mi* / 70 min. Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile road race: 54:39 (5:28) 8th place
swim at Charlestown Beach

Saturday: 5mi / 45 min. in Burlingame w/Jen, Griffin, 10,000 deer flies, very sore legs, and 200% humidity

Sunday: 14mi / 1:38 Keene Rail Trail w/Goupil, Wilson, and McKnight-have a cold, felt wiped out

Total: 81 miles

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Staches for Stowe 8 mile road race

Today was the Stowe, VT 8 miler. It was a fun day. Jen, Goupil, and I arrived at around 7:45 and grabbed our race numbers. It was nice to warm-up with the CMS boys and compare our sweet mustaches that most of us grew. I would put my mustache in the top 3 for CMS, it is unfair though since I have a goatee all the time, most of the guys were starting from scratch. Dave Dunham probably had the most manly stache, looking like a guy in a biker gang. The rest of the crew looked like skinny cops, adult movie stars, or 15 year old boys with peach fuzz.
At race time we lined up in box #4, xc style. I noticed all the other teams looked completely intimidated by the shirtless CMS team with our hairy upper lips. We looked tough!! As the gun went off, I settled right next to Double J, behind Andy. I hit the mile in 5:16 and was feeling fine. I figured that might have been a little too fast, but I felt o.k. I don't have all my splits (because I cleared my watch) but I know I hit 4 miles in 21:20. My 4th, downhill mile was 5:05. After that, the course got a lot tougher. I tried to work hard to catch Andy the whole 2nd half of the race. At about 6miles, Mike Q. went flying by me. I went with him and we caught Andy at 7 miles. I was hurting badly now and had a pretty miserable last mile. I ran mile 8 in 5:45, which was my slowest of the day. I crossed the line in 43:39 for 22nd place. I really thought going into the race that I would run around 42:30. Oh well. I can't be upset it was a good race. CMS wound up 2nd overall. After the race, I found Glenn and Gina, who were there watching. We cheered for Jen as she finished. The best part of the day was the cool down swim and blueberries courtesy TiVO. I had some good icecream post race and I completed the trifecta eating all 3 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and black raspberry. It was a long ride home, broken up with a Big Mac, large fries, and a Coke at Mickey D's... delicious: the food of champions. I'm looking forward to heading down to Rhode Island next week and running the Blessing of the Fleet. Below is a picture of Jen and me with my mustache.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week of July 12- 18

Monday: 13mi / 1:31 in Pisgah w/Griffin

Tuesday: 11mi / 1:07 in Gilsum Woods w/George and Griffin

Wednesday: am 9mi / 66min in Pisgah w/Griffin and Jen(1.5mi)
pm 9mi* track workout: 6x800m @ I pace w/400 rest w/Andy
(2:22, 2:23, 2:22, 2:22, 2:22, 2:18)
I was really pleased with this workout and the total day's effort. It was hot and humid at the track. I'm starting to feel strong and I stayed relaxed until the last 800m when I let it fly. Great day, I need more doubles, I always feel good with doubles.

Thursday: 9mi / 59 min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, and the girls: Griffin, Ellie, Lena
lifted upper body 3 sets in am w/MC

Friday: am 5mi / 35min on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Griffin
pm 8mi / 51min on Keene Rail Trail

Saturday: 5mi / 34min in Friedsam Town Forest

Sunday: 13mi* / 1:20 Stowe 8mile road race
22nd 43:39 / 5:28pace

Total: 82 miles