Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In the Books

Time to reflect back on running highs and lows from 2010.
Here are some of this year's highs:

-total mileage: 3,221 miles = 61.7 mpw - my highest total ever.
-49 races - highest race total ever
-New mile p.r. - 4:20.07 - BU mini meet
-New 3000m p.r. - 8:56 - URI Blue / White meet
-New 5k p.r. - 15:37 - Pie and Glove 5k, Corning, NY
-New 4mile p.r. - 20:29 - 4 on the 4th, Keene, NH
-New 5mile p.r. - 26:24 - Clamdigger 5mi, Westerly, RI
-New 12K p.r. - 40:01 - Bedford 12K
-New 8 mile p.r. - 43:39 - Stowe 8mi
-New 10 mile p.r. - 54:07 - DH Jones, Amherst, MA
-New half marathon p.r. - 1:11:00 - New Bedford half
-New marathon p.r. - 2:34:33 - Baystate Marathon
-New 50k trail p.r. - 4:04 - Pisgah 50K

Obviously, I had a great year with p.r.'s at almost every distance. Some other high lights include:
-going sub 2:00 in the 800m at the Valentine Classic and winning the heat with a big kick
-winning Lil Rhody for the 4th time in a new course p.r. for me in 45:03
-coming in 2nd to Fyffe at Northfield S.S. race in an epic battle
-winning the Northern Nipmuck 16mile trail race in 1:59:41, beating a very strong field and missing Ferenc's record by 16 seconds.
-winning the Pinnacle Challenge with team Four Runners (Fyffe, Miller, Ferenc, and Myself), I came back from a 3 min. deficit and we set the course record.

Some lows were Rhody 5k and the Pisgah 50k. Honestly though, I don't dwell on the negative and these were valuable learning experiences. I learned at Rhody to heed my own advice and go out slower in hot weather. I learned at Pisgah that I need more long trail runs if I want to win that race against 50k specialists, and race more on the trails.

In summary, I think the biggest reason for my success this year was Wednesday workouts with the Keenyans. Not just the actual speed sessions, but hanging out and training with an awesome group of people that inspire me to get out the door and keep running. We had some epic long runs and great times hanging out after runs playing guitars, singing, and dreaming about times we have yet to run. Also, dating Jen has been very good for me. She's always in a great mood and fun to be around. She keeps me very strong with her healthy meals. She supports my running and I'm proud of her running achievements. Thanks to my CMS teammates who motivate me with their blogs and are just fun to race with. New Bedford and Staches for Stowe were great team moments. I'm excited to see Jonny and Bentley so pumped about running and M.C. staying healthy and continuing to coach and encourage me. Thanks everyone who inspires me!

Goals for 2011:
-Stay healthy
-have fun!!
-p.r. at every distance from 800m-50K
-train optimally, emphasizing quality at the right intensity - not too fast!!
-lift 3 x week

Week of December 27th-January 2nd

Monday: 8mi / 58 min on Putney Rds w/Fyffe and Ferenc. We were going to go longer but we got hit by some crazy wind and white out conditions on the high exposed roads. Slipping on the snow covered roads made for slow going. lifted upper x 3

Tuesday: 10mi s.s. / 72min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls. It was beautiful in the woods with the foot of fresh snow.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60min - 8 x 200 (31,30,30,29,28,28,28,28) w/Fyffe, Andy, George, and Brad. Good workout, kept it relaxed. Sharpening workout for Millenium Mile. In the am I did a nice s.s. hike w/Glenn, Jimmy, and Griffin.

Thursday: 10mi / 67min on Gilsum Rds. w/George and Fyffe. Another nice s.s. hike in the am w/Jen and Griffin.

Friday: 0mi - No energy today. Feel like I'm getting sick. Tomorrow is the M.M. I hope I have some energy.

Saturday: 7mi* / 46min. Millenium Mile - 4:13, 8th place*

Sunday: 18mi* / 1:54 on Putney Rds. w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Wilson, Goupil, and George. Good run. My body was beat up from the hard downhill race. I pushed some of the climbs and we finished up with a 5:35 mile.

Total: 62mi

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 20th-26th

Monday: 6mi / 43min in Pisgah w/Griffin and Jimmy. Trails are in rough shape. Lot's of ice and frost heaves. If we get a dusting to 2 inches of snow, it's going to be treacherous out there.

Tuesday: 3mi / 18:30 on Ashuelot rail trail w/Griffin. Had to run early, reffed two games.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 72min. Baker St. Track Workout - 4 x800m (2:23,2:22,2:21,2:18) 400 rest + 2 x200m (31,30). Tough workout. It was snowing and the road conditions were getting progressively worse the longer we were there. I felt like I was really working hard to hit the times. We cut it short to avoid pulling something from slipping on the roads. Good long bonk-inducing cool down. Andy and Fyffe saved the day with their powerbars and healthy cookies.

Thursday: 8mi / 53min in Pisgah w/Griffin. 1/2" of snow covered the ice making for dangerous conditions. Legs a little tired.

Friday: 5mi / 29:30 on Ashuelot rail trai w/Griffin. Felt smooth and easy. Was gonna run again later in the day but had to start and finish my Christmas shopping. Enjoyed hanging with the family.

Saturday: 9mi / 59min in Burlingame State Park w/Griffin. Ran on the very technical and cool Sammy C. trail.

Sunday: 9mi* / 53min on Ashuelot rail trail. Tempo 7mi in 38:30. Feel great. I was going to race at BU but the blizzard would have stranded me in Rhode Island. I wanted to get home, so I skipped the meet. I really wanted to race.

Total: 51mi - O.K. week. I need to get my mileage up a little bit. I guess I'll be snowshoeing next week. I'm excited for Millenium Mile next week.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week of December 13th-19th

Monday: 8mi* / 48min in Pisgah w/Griffin. M.P. run*. I felt great out there. I was slowed a bit by the flooded trail and raging streams. It was dark and drizzly. Saw a racoon.

Tuesday: 3mi / 19min in Pisgah w/Griffin. 1" of snow on trails makes everything pretty.

Wednesday: 8mi* / 52min Baker Street workout - 3 x 2-2-4 w/full rest (32,31,66,30,30,64,29,27,62) Great workout! Felt pretty smooth. Fun running fast again.

Thursday: 0 mi - Christmas party. Ho Ho Ho

Friday: 10mi / 68min Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. Legs feel like crap. I guess that workout was a wee too fast on Wednesday. Saw a barred owl.

Saturday: 11mi* / 73min B.U. Mini Meet - mile - 4:20 -4th. I went into this with sore legs from Wednesday's z-line destroying workout. I miss timed my warm-up and kept having to run more to stay warm. I ended up with about a 4.5 mile warm-up. I saw I was in heat one with some pretty big guns seeded at 4:13. Crap. I was seeded with a 4:30. At least the pressure to win the heat was off, now I just had to run smart. I stood on the starting line thinking I might run 4:35. The gun went off and I felt o.k. I hit the 800m and heard 2:12,2:13. I thought,"well if I don't fade too badly I can run 4:28". I didn't fade. I picked it up and moved through the field. I hit the bell lap and dug down. I hit the line and looked left and was shocked to see 4:20.
I'm pumped! I didn't think I would run that fast for my first mile of the indoor season. The funny thing is, last January I had a goal of running 4:20 for the 2010 indoor season. I didn't do it but I was still happy with my 4:23. Well, it's still 2010, goal reached! It was awesome seeing so many CMS teammates at the meet. The Keenyans all ran great. Haley ran two p.r.'s, Fyffe ran a fast 3000m and finished with a blazing kick, and Goupil ran the smartest races I've ever seen him run. He negative splitted in both races and moved up through the field. I predict good things to come for the rest of indoors for our training group.
Update: I just looked at the results and I got screwed!! They switched my name with the 5th place guy. I know for a fact I was 4th and I was very close to running 4:19. There were 3 guys way ahead of me. I ran 4:20.07 according to the results for Ben O. There was no way in hell that I was 5th or that I ran 4:21.xx!! I'm kind of pissed. Oh well, I know what I ran.

Sunday: 18mi / 1:59 in Putney w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Wilson, and George. Nice run, feeling good.

Total: 58mi -I'm very happy with this week. I got 4 quality runs with a tempo run, workout, race, and long run. I'm racing the 3k and 800m next week at B.U.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week of December 6th-12th

Monday: 7mi / 47min in Pisgah w/Jimmy and Griffin. Nice cold winter day.

Tuesday: 10mi / 66min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, and the Girls. Great run. It's always fun running with the guys and hanging out after. Life is good.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60mi - Track Workout - 2-2-8-8-4-4-4-4 -w/half rest. Result:(34, 33, 2:18, 2:16, 68, 67, 66, 67) This was a great workout for me and a big confidence booster. Last week I didn't feel warmed up enough for my workout and suffered in the mile. This week I did the 200's first and then hit the 800's. I was originally planning for 2:22-2:24.for the 8's. I was surprised to see how easy and relaxed I felt. It was fun having everyone doing the same workout for once, that rarely happens. Feeling great!

Thursday: 3mi / 19min on roads at night w/Griffin

Friday: 8mi / 58min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Boj, and the Girls

Saturday: 10mi* / 66min URI Alumni Track Meet 3ooom -8:56 1st. 1500m -4:19 5th. Good race in the 3k. I've never run a 3k before, so it's a p.r. I took the lead after the mile. They weren't yelling out splits and I wasn't wearing a watch, so I was clueless to how fast I was running. One URI kid went with me(Mike). He surged hard w/300m to go. He got a gap of about 3 seconds. I thought that was it. At the bell lap I ran hard and caught him on the final turn and put 3 seconds on him for the win. It felt great to win my first race in Mackal Field House. I only had about 25 minutes to get ready for the 1500 and my legs were cooked. Time to switch into workout mode. This was gonna hurt. I had no fight at all and let the top 3 guys go at the gun.(They were fresh) The winner ran 4:05. I was not thrilled but not upset with my 4:19. It was a fun meet, but it was a little disappointing that I was the only alumnus running from my college years. After the meet, Jen and I went and watched her niece perform in a play. It was a great day.
3000m laps/splits
1. 34.15
2. 35.31/1:09.46
3. 36.53/1:45.99
4. 36.64/2:22.63
5. 36.85/2:59.48-1000m
6. 37.24/3:36.72
7. 37.11/4:13.83
8. 36.88/4:50.71-1600m
9. 36.14/5:26.85
10. 35.51/6:02.36-2000m
11. 35.11/6:38.05
12. 36.12/7:14.36
13. 36.85/7:51.21
14. 34.69/8:25.90
15. 29.90/8:55.80-3000m-nice kick!

Sunday: 8mi / Untimed - Ran in Pisgah w/Jen, Griffin, and Jimmy. Wet rainy day, trail and dirt roads were pretty icy in spots. Legs a little tired.

Total: 55mi - Good week. Nice workout and race. I needed a long run and to lift. Next week I'm gonna lift, race at BU (probably the mile and 800), and do a long run.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

November 29th-December 5th

Monday: 0mi - had a dentist appointment. No cavities, no fitness gained.

Tuesday: 10mi / 66min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls. Nice run. Feeling good.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 58min Track Workout - (1mile-4:49, 4x400m-70,70,69,64) w/ half rest. This was a decent workout. It was very windy and raining. I struggled a bit with the mile, but I felt great during the 400's. I think I need to make sure I do more strides before starting the workout.

Thursday: 0mi - Meeting at work. Got home just in time to see Wilson and Ferenc finishing their run in the dark with the dogs. Griffin got 17miles today. Maybe she can race for me! I did do a light lifting routine and I ran 4 hill strides with Wilson, Ferenc, and the Girls.

Friday: 10mi / 65min in Pisgah. Nice run.

Saturday: 11mi*/ 67min Jingle Bell 5K - 15:44(5:04) 1st. I was hoping to run a p.r. I had raced here twice and I knew this was a flat, fast course. Well, they changed the course. There now is a good-sized hill in the 2nd mile. It was also pretty freakin' windy today. I figured I was looking at a 16 flat. I was really happy with my race. I put in a solid effort and had a strong kick. No one challenged me and I lead from wire-to-wire. My laps were: 4:58, 5:13, 5:04, 26. Jen ran a 6 second p.r.

Sunday: 14mi* / 1:33 in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Boj, George, Goupil, Wilson, McKnight, and the Girls. It was a lot of fun getting out and running with such a big group. Things got a little serious when a few of us decided to hammer up to the ridge. I felt really good. We kept it nice and easy for the last half an hour. We stopped a couple times to enjoy the views. We had some good grub and beverages waiting for us at my house thanks to Jen. It was a fun day.

Total: 54mi - Decent week. Happy with my race and the long run was great. I'm really looking forward to going down to Rhody next week and racing the Blue/White Meet at URI.