Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ridge p.r.

I just set a new pr to the top of pisgah ridge in 48:57. It was a bit of a surprise because I'm a little sore from Monday's run down Mt. Washington. I hit the ridge trail at 35 flat and did the climb in 13:57. My old pr was 49:02. I hit the ridge trail in 34 flat that day. This was probably my fastest time climbing ever. (I can't be sure that I didn't go faster racing some of my friends up this climb over the years...but I doubt it)
After hitting the top, I hung out for a while. I found ashes and a picture of someone's dog in a ziplock bag. It was a nice tribute and made me think of my old friends Pisgah and Elijah. There are some good spirits and energy out in that forest! I shut it down and cruised back home enjoying the beautiful day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mt. Washington

Yesterday Ferenc and I drove up to the Whites to run up Mt. Washington. The weather was perfect. We took the Edmands path up to the Crawford path. This was the toughest climbing of the day. Once we got on the Crawford path it was all ridge running above tree line. It was gorgeous up there. My biggest worry was rolling my ankle from not watching the trail. The views were spectacular! We reached the lake of the clouds hut after 1:13 of running. We stopped for a quick bathroom break then on to the summit of Washington. The trail got very rocky after the hut, but they were large slabs that gave excellent footing. We topped out after 1:38:12 of running. It was my first time on the mountain and at the summit. There was no wind at all and it felt hot. We hung out on top for a while then headed down. It was really fun running down. It took total concentration. We hit the Edmands path and really ran fast in spots. We got down in 1:14:47 for a total time of 2:53:00. What an awesome day! I'm envious that JJ and Tilton live so close. I would love ro come back and spend more time out there. I want to do a Presi traverse soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Well yesterday I turned 35. I remember when I turned 30, I told myself that I would back off with the running at 35. I'd stop racing so much, do less mileage, and not be so obsessed with pr's. I told myself I'd lift more, play more basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I'd maybe start doing karate, I always wanted a black belt.

Well, screw that! All that will have to wait another year (or 50!!). I'm having way too much fun. I have some lofty goals. I want to pr at 5k this Saturday. I want to break Ferenc's course record at the Pisgah 23k. I want to go sub 2:30 at the Demar Marathon. I'd also like to break the world record in the 4x800 indoors for 35-39 year olds. My running has been going great and I'm handling the higher mileage well. I'm looking forward to going for these goals and I'm having a blast getting out the door every day and running with my friends.