Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28

Am:8mi/65min in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin. Absolutely gorgeous in the woods today. We were the first ones on the groomed trail. The snowmobile club grooms at night just for us! Pm:10+mi/72min on the Keene Rds. Ran with 3 KSCer's (Thomas, Mark and Nick) + George. We did the Beech Hill loop. My legs feel decent. I'm glad I didn't do a workout today. The easy runs helped. 18+ for the day. Yee hah!

Wednesday, February 27

0mi - A day that will forever live in lethargy. The weather sucked, my legs are sore and there was a Rambo Marathon on at Glenn's house.

Tuesday, February 26

9mi/59min in Pisgah at night with George, Ferenc, Miller and Griffin. We were hoping to go by the light of the full moon but it was too cloudy. We brought headlamps and George brought some crazy spotlight headlamp that he attached to his waist. It was a warm night and the trails were in perfect shape for trail shoes only. My legs are freaking sore from DH Jones. Lifted weights in the morning.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, February 25

Am:6mi/52min in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin. Nice and easy run. My legs are freaking sore! Pm:9mi/59min in Saxton's River with Ferenc and Whistle. Feeling better than this morning. Ate some wings with Ferenc, Najem and Larry after the run.

Sunday, February 24 - DH Jones 10mi

13mi*/1:15 - DH Jones 10mi - 55:02(5:30) 19th place. This was a decent race for me. I would have liked to run 54 low like years past but I'm just not as fit for longer stuff yet. The conditions were not much of a factor. Here are my miles: (5:29, 5:01, 5:50, 5:49, 5:35, 5:24, 5:07, 5:28, 5:20, 5:53). I really suffered the last mile which happens to me every year at this race. I gotta stop feeling sorry for myself on the hills late in the race. I got some serious work to do before New Bedford. Not much time to do it in, I've got to be smart.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday, February 23

0mi. I just felt like a day off. I'm racing DH Jones tomorrow and my legs have been a wee bit sore so I figured what the hell. A zero it is. I went for a short hike with MC and the wolves. We also played some two bounce and a little One on One hoops. Fun day. Tomorrow racing on sloppy roads. Time won't matter just place. It might be a lot like running on the trails maybe I have an advantage.

Friday, February 22

10mi/65min in Pisgah with Ferenc, Najem and Griffin. Trails in much better shape. We had the staff vs student basketball game at school. So much fun! Legs a wee sore. Possibly from all the jump roping I've been doing during my circuits.

Thursday, February 21

Am:1mi with kids at school + circuits. pm:1mi with Griffin. The trails were so icy I turned around after slipping for half a mile. Played some volleyball and dunked a lot at school today.

Wednesday, February 20

Am:1mi with kids at school +circuits Pm:6mi*/37:45 - missed the planned workout. I ran to Drummer Hill from Boj's house and ran the mile at a strong effort in 6:00. (Turns out I ran a hair long). I ean down the hill in 5:45. Then I ran the two miles back in 12 flat. Feeling good.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19

Am: 1mi with kids at school + circuits. pm: 9mi*/58min in Pisgah with Ferenc and Griffin. Great run. The trails are firm, fast and very runnable. Did 4x10sec hill sprints. Lifted weights.

Monday, February 18

1mi with kids at school + circuits. Took the afternoon off for a rest day.

Week of 2/11 to 2/17

Mon - 1mi with kids at school +circuits Tues - 9miSS/65min in Saxton's River with Ferenc and the girls and Whistle Wed - 1mi with kids at school + lifted weights. pm:11mi*/72min Baker St workout. 3x800 3x600 3x400 3x200 (2:28,2:24,2:25,1:44,1:42,1:41,74,xxxx) Crappy workout. Body exhausted. Pulled the plug on it. Thurs - 1mi with kids at school +circuits pm: 5mi/35min. Fri - 12mi/1:23 in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Lena got attacked by the dogs at the top of the street. Great run otherwise. Lifted weights. Sat - 9mi/60min in Pisgah. + 3x10sec hill sprints. Feeling good. 120 pushups. Sun - 22mi*/2:31 in Grafton VT with Ferenc and George. Cold and windy run on the marathon road long loop. Total - 71miles

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunday, February 10

11miS.S.* Prospect Mountain 5.4mile snowshoe race. It was a beautiful day for a snowshoe race. It was sunny and there was over a foot of fresh powder with no wind. TiVo made an awesome and challenging course that had a lot of climbing and single track with some groomed sections as well. I took the lead at the start and opened up a decent gap on the groomed section. Soon I was on the winding single track climb with deep snow. This section was tiring but highly enjoyable. I glance back on a few turns and could see Dave Dunham climbing well and making up ground on me. He's got a really good low gear and can climb the tough stuff ridiculously well. My new goal became just trying to beat him to the summit. I figured with my speed I should be able to outrun him down the mountain. I was able to get to the summit but he was very close. Glancing at my watch I think I was at 31 minutes. Time for some fast downhill to build up my lead again...or so I thought. Even though we raced downhill on groomed snow, it was being warmed up by the sun and was too soft to run fast on. I glanced back several times to see that I was putting no distance on DD. I was zigzagging all over the trail, desperate for firm snow. We then turned a sharp right into more single track that cut across the mountain. This was tough but really fun. There was a final short climb out of the single track and DD was really close. He told me he was 12sec back but it looked too close for comfort. Finally, we dumped back onto groomed downhill with firm fast snow. I took off and was able to build a safe lead and take the win in 50:35. DD ran a great race finishing 2nd and pushing me to a good effort. Tim Mahoney finished 3rd. Jen came to the finish smiling and saying she had a blast. I was worried because this was such a tough course. She seems hooked and wants to do more races which is awesome. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday, February 9

Am:5miS.S./45min in Pisgah with Ferenc and his girls. Wow. This was tough. There was 16" or so of fresh powder. We took turns breaking trail. My shin muscles and hip flexors were getting a hell of a workout. It was gorgeous in the woods with the sun shining brightly. pm:Did an hour and a half snowshoe hike with Jen and Griffin in Pisgah. We trampled down the same trail that Ferenc and I ran. Now it'll be good to really snowshoe run on. I shoveled for about 2 hours today. Body is nice and tired.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday, February 8

11mi/76min in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. We had a snow day today. Ferenc and I got the run in before the storm hit. I hope we get slammed with lot's of snow. I'll be snowshoe racing this Sunday. Did 150 pushups.

Thursday, February 7

Am:2miles with kids at school. pm:0mi. Had a meeting and was feeling lazy. It'll be good for my knee to take the rest.

Wednesday, February 6

Am:1mi with kids at school. Lifted weights. pm:9mi*/60min. Baker St workout. 8x400 (65,66,66,65,66,64,60,62) w/200 rest. Ran with Miller, Andy and George. The KSCers were out there as well. My left knee is still sore. Feels pretty good when I run fast.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5

8mi*/54min in Pisgah with Griffin + 4x10 sec hill sprints. Left knee still a little sore but the hill sprints seemed to help. Tomorrow lift and do a track workout. It'd be nice to double too. I gotta do more mileage.

Monday, February 4

0mi. Felt like being lazy.

Sunday, February 3

8mi*/48min in Pisgah. Did a nice progression run. My left knee is still sore so I decided to not run long today. It is getting better. Total:51miles. I need to increase my miles or suffer the consequences at DH Jones in a few weeks.

Saturday, February 2

Am:7mi/45min in Pisgah. Felt good. Pm:1mi+ with Bryce Kelley at the New Balance Games in Boston. Had fun at the track meet.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, February 1

10mi/70min in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Lifted weights. Knee is feeling a little bit better. I've had patella tendinitis before and know how to handle it. I'm not worried or overly concerned. I'm excited to watch the New Balance Games tomorrow with Glenn and some of his kids. I'll be cheering the loudest for Bryce Kelly a Chariho kid in the high school mile.

Thursday, January 31

9mi/60min on the Saxton's River trails with Ferenc and the girls and Whistle. Good run. We ended with the headlamps on. Left knee bugging me on the descents. Really windy out there. January's total: 239mi = 52.3 mpw One crappy race at Millenium mile. One snowshoe race victory. One world record in the 4x800.

Wednesday, January 30

Am: 5mi/34min in Pisgah with Griffin and (Jen). pm: 11mi*/70min. Baker St workout. 6x800 (2:30,2:27,2:28,2:28,2:28,2:20)400rest With Miller, Andy, and George. Feeling smooth and relaxed. It was foggy and warm. The KSCers were out there too doing their workouts in sports bras and shirts off. Left knee really sore on the recovery jogs but felt fine while running fast. Fun day.

Tuesday, January 29

0mi. Lifted weights, played hockey and reffed 2 basketball games. Left patella tendinitis. Maybe from doing crazy Galen Rupp lunges and knee lifts while lifting. Damn you Miller for showing me Rupp's lifting video!

Monday, January 28

0mi. Snowing hard today. Shoveled then didn't feel like running.