Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 29th

5mi/38min on the Westmoreland rail trail with Ferenc, Lena, Ellie and Jen(bike). I am sore and a little beat up from the Escarpment race. This was a slow shuffle in the beginning, but I got a little looser as we ran. We went for a nice soak in the magical healing waters at the Putney culvert. In the afternoon, Glenn and I caught some tiny small mouths near the dam in Hinsdale on the Ashuelot River. Today was another beautiful weather day and it's really starting to feel like August.

Sunday, July 28th

Escarpment 30K Trail Race - 3:08:27 - 4th place. I was hoping to break 3 hrs here. I've run 3:02 and 3:01. It was raining at the start of the race which meant all the rocks were going to be very slick. Ben Nephew and 2 other guys (Dennis and Jamie) took off on the first big climb up Windham Mtn. I had to let them go, it was too quick for me. I settled into 4th place and that's where I stayed the rest of the race. I thought I'd be able to really hammer the downhills and catch up to the guys up front, but it was too wet and slippery, I just didn't want to take risks out there. I took 4 gels out there and 2 S-Caps. I had no cramping issues this year which is a first. Coming down the Wall of Manitou this year was treacherous and I was extra cautious once I realized I wasn't going to run a p.r. I hit the line in a rather ho-hum disappointing 3:08. I realize I'm not trail race sharp. Even though I did the Beaver Race and the Sunappee 5miler those were short, flat and non-technical courses. I train on trails all the time, but it's not the same as doing a tough race like 7 Sisters or Greylock, where there's tons of climbing and super technical descents. The rain made it slick and tough out there, but at least it wasn't hot. I was able to walk around without limping after the race which was a nice surprise but maybe I just settled too much in no-man's land and never pushed that hard. It did feel good to finish strong and not a limping, cramping, fading mess. I'll be back again some year to try to crack 3 hours again. I had a good week this week with 91 miles, a speed workout, and a tough race/long run.

Saturday, July 27th

7mi/54min in Pisgah with Boj. We explored the Old Town Forest trail and then some off shoots on Davis Hill trail. It's cool to think there are still things out in Pisgah that I haven't seen yet. Beautiful weather today.

Friday, July 26th

9mi/60min in Pisgah with Griffin. Nice run. Good weather.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25th

AM: Hiked 2hrs up and down Mt. Haystack in Wilmington, VT with Jen and Griffin. This is a nice easy hike that I did a few times in 2004. The weather was amazing. It was 55 degrees to start the hike and Jen and I were both wearing long sleeve shirts. It warmed up to 64 degrees with no humidity. There were great views at the summit, but it's not totally exposed and you really only get views to the east with limited views to the south and north. You can't see to the west at all. The trail is never steep and it would make for a great run. PM: 8mi*/53min at the Hinsdale Fun Run. It was nice weather and I just wanted to get a little up tempo stuff without killing it because I have Escarpment on Sunday. I ran the mile with Tanner in 5:25 and then did the 2.3 in 14:02. Legs are feeling a wee bit tired. Easy day tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 24th

AM: 8mi/53min in Pisgah. Jen and Griffin were out there running while I was. I felt really good, probably due to the nice weather. It was 75 with low humidity. Nice swim in the pond after. PM: 10mi*/65min. Track workout at Keene High. Najem, Andy, George, James, Bryce, and M.C. were all there. I wanted to do a mix workout of tempo pace and I - pace. I ended up hitting T, I, and R pace in this workout. First up 2miles - 10:33 then an 800 - 2:22 then a 400 - 72, followed by 2 200's - 29,28. I felt pretty good and the weather was amazing out there. We dipped in the stream after to ice the legs.

Tuesday, July 23rd

AM: 9mi/60min on the Putney dirt roads with Ferenc. Every time we do this run in the morning it's raining. I felt good and we were rolling along well by the end. PM: 8mi/61min in Pisgah w/Boj. Nice and easy run. It's been a while since I've run with Boj. We swam in the pond and were the only ones out there. The blueberries are ripe.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday, July 22nd

AM: 8mi/59min in Pisgah with George and Griffin. Nice easy run. The weather was amazing! It was 68 degrees and overcast. We finished the run and took a dip in Kilburn and ate some blueberries. PM: 0mi. Glenn and I drove up to Saxton's River with the intent of running with Ferenc and Najem. Najem got held up at work and we decided to scrap the run and just eat some wings. It's one of the best decisions we've ever made! No regrets here!

Sunday, July 21st

22mi*/2:39 in Gilsum Woods with George. This was a nice long run. I felt strong the whole way which was nice, usually I get a little cranky and wimpy after 2 hours, but not today. Total for the week: 87 miles. I got a track workout, a short tempo day, a great long run, and a solid trail race in. I'm pleased. Next week I'd like to do some more doubles and then a mini-taper for the Escarpment trail race on Sunday.

Saturday, July 20th

10mi*/65min - Frenzy in the Forest 5mi trail race - 29:05, 1st place. Jen and I decided to drive out to Sunappee to do this short trail race that's part of the Western NH trail series. It was a very well organized event with lot's of participants that were doing the whole series. We warmed up on part of the course and it was not technical and not very hilly. This would be a little misleading as the 2nd half of the course had a good climb and some rooty, twisty single-track. I noticed one fast looking college aged kid on the starting line. I took it out hard at the gun and he tried to go with me. After a minute of running a started to open up a gap. I would run alone for the rest of the race. I felt good and was moving well over the fairly easy terrain, around half way there was a good long hill to run. I struggle a bit on this climb and didn't hammer the downhill that hard. There was a long straight away and I looked back and could see the young guy back there. Time to get moving! On the single-track I put the pedal to the metal and lost sight of him again. I ran into the finish with what I thought was a commanding lead, but after I crossed the line the kid (Noah), was only 13 seconds back. He was much closer than I realized! At first, I thought he must have missed some of the course, but now I realize, he hammered at the end where I just kind of cruised. I talked to him after the race and he will be going to Williams in the fall. I declined a cool down with him so I could watch Jen finish up her race. She had a fun time and liked the course. I think we'll both do a few more of the races on the series.

Friday, July 19th

3mi/23min in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin. My body was pretty tired today from 2 big days in a row in the high temps. I spent the day swimming and soaking in a few different places. Another very hot day today. Tomorrow trail race.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday, July 18th

AM: 13mi/1:30 in Pisgah with George. Another hot and humid day. We spent a good amount of time swimming in Kilburn with Glenn after the run. My legs are feeling a little heavy from yesterday's workout. PM: 7mi*/46min at the Hinsdale Fun Run. I ran the mile in 5:21 and then did the 2.3mi in 13:39. It was brutally hot and humid without a breath of a breeze. Nasty stuff. I decided to just get some good tempo paced efforts in. I also had the goal of beating both of Jonny's times from his fun run a couple weeks ago. Mission accomplished. 20miles with some quality on a heat advisory day. I was feeling quite worked at the end of the night. Tomorrow is going to be an easy day. It also ends a 7 day span of 101 miles for me. Yee Hah!

Wednesday, July 17th

AM: 7mi/45min on the Keene Tracks solo. Hot weather but feeling good. Two easy days certainly did the trick. PM: 9mi*/61min with a track workout at Keene High. Najem, Pacman, Andy, and Bryce were there. It was freaking hot at 4:15 on the track, 92 degrees. We decided on doing something short. 2-4-4-2 x 2 with 200jog after the repeats and 400jog in between sets. I did ok, but really felt hot. Here are my times (34,69,66,32,32,68,70,32). I really struggled on the last 400m. It wasn't pretty. Afterwards, we hit up the happy river for a refreshing dip. Andy saved the day with some ice cold drinks for everybody.

Tuesday, July 16th

8mi/51min in Pisgah solo. Jen and Griffin were out there running while I was. I felt really good and was just rolling along effortlessly. It was hot, but I'm starting to feel quite adjusted to this steamy weather. Did a few sets of pull-ups but nothing Boj-like. Feeling good. Again, no afternoon run.

Monday, July 15th

8mi/56min in Pisgah with Tanner. Hot weather. My body was feeling pretty fatigued from the heat and the big weekend of running. No run for me in the afternoon.

Sunday, July 14th

21mi*/2:30 from Saxton's River to Putney Mtn w/Ferenc, Matt Haley, and Fyffe(1 hr). We ran the ridge line from Ferenc's house to Putney Mtn. It's a heck of a run with a lot of climbing in the beginning. It was hot and my legs were tired from yesterday's trail race. The conversation and company was great. It was a mental boost when Fyffe joined us at the top of Pinnacle Mountain. My legs were really dead on the climbs and I talked everyone into doing the slightly shorter version. Ferenc was the only one that seemed genuinely disappointed. We finished with gatorade at Fyffe's car and then a plunge into the healing magical waters of the Putney culvert. I slammed a fantastic bacon cheeseburger at the old Fat Frank's for recovery. In the words of MacKnight: Boom! Total for the week: 89 miles on 6 days of running. A decent short tempo run, a tiring hilly long run, and a solid trail race.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saturday, July 13th

16mi*/1:40 at the Run With the Beavers 10mi trail race. 1:05:10. 1st place. Team Hammboj 1st place team. I really enjoy this race that Bob and Jackie Jackman put on in Chepachet, RI. There are clean bathroom facilities, a beautiful and well-marked trail, a pond for swimming, and great prizes. The Jackman's really know how to put on a race! Lining up for the start, I was pretty confident that I would get the win and I believed that Jonny would be able to get 2nd. The real concern was bringing home the team title. We'd really be counting on Glenn or Boj to get the win. I took off fairly hard at the gun and Jonny stuck close to me. We immediately separated from the field. Once we dumped out onto the dirt road, I pulled ahead of Jonny after the top of the hill. My thoughts were, "damn he's getting fast!". I turned onto the single track with the lead and loving the terrain. I really enjoy semi-technical single track with gentle up and downs. In other words, I love fast trails. You're moving quickly and have to think about every foot strike which makes it so fun. I hit the water stop at around 17:30 and pushed onto the dirt road. I felt good but definitely not as fast as last year. I saw Scott Mason taking photos on the side hill, technical spot after the bridge and gave him a wave. I finished the first loop in 32:13. I was pretty discouraged. Last year I came through the first lap in 30:41. Last year, I slowed down a full minute + on the second loop running it in 31:43. I figured I'd slow down a minute again this year. Mentally, that took a lot of wind out of my sails and I started to hurt making the climb up the dirt road on the 2nd loop. I felt like I ran really slowly from the beginning of lap 2 until the water stop. I hit the water stop in 18:30 a full minute back of my first split already. Crap! My new goal became to pick it up and not lose another minute on the 2nd half of this loop. I dug down and made it hurt. Suddenly, I started to feel good and was running smooth and relaxed. I felt like I ran this part of the race faster than the first loop. I crested the steep hill after the side hill trail and hammered for the finish. I hit the line in 1:05:10, which meant I ran the 2nd loop in 32:56. Bob made a remark about not being as fast as last year, but running more evenly. I thought the same thing, but really I just ran the last quarter of the race really well. Once I finished I drank some water, talked to Jen who ran the 5 mile, and waited for Jonny to finish. I didn't have to wait long. He came sprinting into the finish looking strong in under 1:10! It was sweet that we went 1-2 in a race. We heard reports from Bob that Boj took a wrong turn on the race which surprised me considering he is a trail veteran, a good navigator, and he used to run these trails in high school! Oh well, time to rely on Glenn for the team win. Jonny and I ran out on the course to cheer him in. Glenn was leading a train of 4 or 5 runners when we saw him on the side hill. He would power home, dropping everyone in his train and catching one runner ahead of him. His finish sealed the victory and domination of team Hammboj. The prize was some growlers of chromium replacement beverages. Glenn said the beer never tasted better! I also picked up a gift certificate for Brooks shoes (my favorite) and $40.00 to Big Gary's Discount Beverage. Jen and I stopped there on the way back to New Hampshire. We headed home with a car full of delicious micro-brews and fish.

Friday, July 12th

AM: 3mi/22min in Burlingame trails with Griffin. PM: 9mi/63min in Burlingame trails solo. Feeling pretty good. I love cruising along on the Sammy C. Trail. Tomorrow race at Run with the Beavers.

Thursday, July 11th

0mi. Annual striper/fluke fishing trip leaving Pt. Judith on the C-Devil. Caught a lot of fish. Enjoyed some fresh fish tacos at Jonny's later that night.

Wednesday, July 10th

7mi/48min on the Westmoreland tracks with Ferenc. Nice and easy. Drove to Rhode Island in the afternoon for tomorrow's striper fishing trip.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday, July 9th

AM: 12mi/1:26 in Pisgah w/George. Nice and easy run, my legs are feeling pretty good. PM: 4mi*23:30 on the roads. I did a 3mile tempo run in 16:28 then a 1mi cool down. Feeling strong.

Monday, July 8th

AM: Ran up the Dublin trail on Mt. Monadnock. It was hot and I climbed like a wimp above tree-line. Too much power hiking on sections I can run if I'm feeling good. 33:57up. My plan was to do two summits, but once I got to the top I knew that one would be enough. I descended in 26:15. Round trip of 1:00:13. A tough sluggish day on that mountain, is still a lot of fun. PM: 10mi/72min on the Grafton Ponds trails w/Ferenc and his girls. Nice and easy run. Legs a little bit tired. Cooled off in a beautiful stream near G.P. Ate some wings after.

Sunday, July 7th

0mi. Drove back 4hrs from Maine. It was miserably hot and humid and my body was stiff from travel. I should have run, but just wasn't motivated. Total for the week: 61miles on 5 days of running.

Saturday, July 6th

0mi. I hiked Speckled Mtn w/Jen, Hailey, Josh, Boomer and Griffin. We didn't summit because that would have been a long hike for the kids. We went to the slides and then climbed blueberry ridge which was pretty steep. I was worried about the dogs but they were fine. Fun hike.

Friday, July 5th

12mi/1:21 in Pisgah solo. Legs a little bit tired. Lifted weights. Drove 4 hrs to Maine. Hot and humid nasty day.

Thursday, July 4th

AM: 60min/9mi*. 4 on the 4th - 21:34(5:24) 4th place. Najem went immediately to the lead. I sat back a little with a pack following a few meters behind me. I hit the mile feeling ok in 5:15. Around 1.5mi Pacman caught me and went by. Brandon passed me around 2miles. From there it was a real struggle to the finish and I was slowing down horribly. I felt lucky to hold off the crowd of fast guys behind me and get 4th. It's my slowest time since the first year of the race (2002) when I ran with a sinus infection in 23 something. I know the course might have been 15 seconds slower this year, but it's still a disappointing race. I gave it all I had, I'm just out of shape. I am improving though. It just takes time. Here are my miles: (5:15,5:18,5:28,5:32). PM: 35min/5mi on the Stoddard dirt roads w/Jonny. I was burping up the food and beverages I just consumed. Legs tired. Jonny wasn't pushing the hills, but it sure felt like it in my tired state.

Wednesday, July 3rd

56min/8mi in Pisgah w/George, Fyffe and Ferenc. Went for a nice swim in Kilburn Pond after the run. Tomorrow is the 4 on the 4th. Feel pretty good.

Tuesday, July 2nd

72min/10mi on the Keene Tracks w/George, Fyffe and Ferenc. Nice and easy run. My body is stiff and tight. I need to be better about stretching.

Monday, July 1st

Am: 5mi/36min in Friedsam w/Griffin. Lifted weights w/M.C. Pm: 12mi/1:19 in Saxton's River trails with Ferenc, Najem, Brandon, Lena and Whistle. Good run. We were rolling along pretty well.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sunday, June 30th

17mi*/1:47 on the Putney dirt roads and trails with Ferenc, Fyffe, Najem, Thomas, Brett and Brandon. We rolled out the culvert and ran uphill for a long time. A ruffed grouse almost flew into Fyffe's face at one point. Later in the run a dog came out and Naj accidentally elbowed Fyffe in the nose when he yelled at the dog to go home. Fyffe soldiered on with only a little blood. Thomas, Brandon and I got on the gas with 3 miles to go. We were flying. They put a little gap on me with less than a half mile to go. Great run! We soaked the legs in the magical cooling Putney waters. Total for the week: 61miles on 5 days. Total for the month: 215mi = 50.2mpw. Total for the spring quarter: 575mi = 44.2mpw. It's been a tough spring but I'm snapping out of it and starting to feel fit and motivated. I'm looking forward to a big summer.