Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday, November 17th - Lil Rhody Runaround

12mi*/1:15. Lil Rhody Runaround - 45:45 (5:43) 1st place. I went into this year's race feeling less than confident. The last 2 years I came into this race in monster shape (for me). Jonny was telling me how fit all the Rhody guys were and I had a large target on my back. I was scared that this year might be a real dog fight for the win. My strategy was to go out hard and accelerate on the trails and see who had the guts to follow me. I stuck to my strategy and had company right away. Mike Galoob and I thought Chris Garvin were right on my back. We went through the mile in around 5:13. (I heard Mike's GPS beep and I glanced at my watch. As we ran through the camp ground roads those 2 guys stuck close to me. I had about a 1 second lead which was a hint to me that maybe they weren't too relaxed with the fast pace. (I know if I was feeling good I'd sit right on the leader's shoulder to put a little pressure on). When we entered back into the trails after around 10min of running I decided now was the time to try and make a move. I ran hard. I slowly started to get some separation. As we hit the first sharp left hand turn after the bridges I glanced back and saw I had about a 10 second gap. I was hurting but I was happy with the gap I created. I decided to really push the pace through the technical bridge and rocky section before the covered bridge. When I exited the covered bridge, I glanced back and couldn't see anybody. I told my self to keep hammering. I ran the first half of the race in pain but happy to be building my lead. As I left the woods onto Buckeye Brook Rd., I glanced at my watch. I can't remember exactly but it was right around 24 flat which is pretty much what I always run to this point. I glanced back as I re-entered the trails and couldn't see anyone. I knew at this point in the race that I was going to win my 7th Lil Rhody. I was pleased but knew I couldn't relax. As the the trail climbed, I felt pretty terrible. I was starting to get hot and suffering from the fast pace. I saw the Seekels and the Ornsteins in the woods but I was too tired and focused to hear what they said. I finally got to the Kings Factory Rd. where I saw Bentley. He gave me some encouragement and I dug down. I was really hurting and looked back a thousand times. It was great to hit the line in 45:45. Not a stellar time for me, but I've won with much slower times and I was really pleased to win this one. I certainly had my doubts. Now it was time to cheer for friends and family to finish. Wooley and Galoob were the next guys across the line in the 47's. I was anxiously waiting for Jonny to cross the line. I was hoping he'd break 49. He came sprinting across the line in 48:59. I was afraid they'd add a second to his time, but the time held, 48:59. Sweet! Boj ran a solid race and Jen was pleased with her time. Pard crossed the line in 1:13 looking good. He won his 70+ age group though at first they thought a guy ran 49:30. Turns out that guy was 25, not 75! I did some research of older results and it looks like Pard is now the course record holder for 70+. That will give me something to shoot for in the distant future. He suffered a fall and had a nasty wrist contusion. Luckily, Jen is an athletic trainer and was able to take care of him. He seem unfazed by the injury, but it looked nasty. Sarah ran a great race and was really happy with her time. We had some great food and drinks at Jonny's house after. I don't know how many more of these things I can keep winning, but I sure would like to go for 7 more. I dedicated this win to my new niece and nephew, Emma and Brady and to my best cheerleading niece and nephew, Ellie and Jackson. Thanks mom for cheering too! I love this race and look forward to doing it for many years.

Saturday, November 16th

4mi/26min in Pisgah with Griffin and Jimmy. Cold morning run. Drove to Rhode Island in the afternoon. We got a flat tire and then went and bought a new tire on the way down. I thought we were going to have to turn around because I didn't want to travel 2hrs on a donut. Luckily, there was a Tire Warehouse not too far away. Tomorrow is Lil Rhody. Feeling ready.

Friday, November 15th

0mi. Had to watch Jimmy. Too lazy to run. Oh well.

Thursday, November 14th

0mi. Glenn and Gina had their babies! Welcome to the world, Brady and Emma Hammett. I had a meeting after work and wasn't motivated to run.

Wednesday, November 13th

9mi/68min in Pisgah with George, Boj and Griffin. Legs sluggish. Had to wear the headlamps for the last 25min which makes for slow going on the technical trails. I couldn't make it to the track for a workout because my truck was having some issues, so Boj and George came out to run instead.

Tuesday, November 12th

5mi/36min in Pisgah with Griffin. Legs a wee sluggish. Nice chilly weather run. Good yoga routine after.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 11th - Wounded Warrior 5K

10mi*/68min. Wounded Warrior 5K - 16:36 (5:21) 1st place. I think the course might be a bit long or at least I'm praying it is. Happy to get the win and a solid effort on a beautiful Veteran's Day. Nice warm-up and cool-down with George. Feeling good.

Sunday, November 10th

4mi/33min in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin. My body and legs were feeling tired and stiff. I decided to just go with a short easy run. Good decision. Total for the week: 51miles. Total for the year: 2,557mi. I'm going to have a hard time breaking 3000. It probably won't happen, but we'll see. Next week I'm racing at Lil Rhody.

Saturday, November 9th

12mi*/1:14 with Boj and Griffin in Pisgah. This was a moderate progression run. We got on the gas for the last 4 miles. My legs felt a little bit flat. I did 3x8 pullups and 3x25 pushups after. We saw 7 hikers on the Ridge trail which is pretty unusual. We also saw a couple of hunters on the Hubbard Hill trail. Nice day in the woods.

Friday, November 8th

Am: 3mi/19min. Solo on the roads. Feeling smooth. Good yoga session after the run. Pm: 10mi/69min in Pisgah with George, Ferenc, and the girls. Good run. Wore the headlamps for the last 20min. Feeling good.

Thursday, November 7th

0mi. I had a meeting at work and was feeling too unmotivated to throw on the headlamp.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th

10mi*/67min. Drummer Hill workout with Andy, Boj, and Clint. We did the mile first but we have no idea of where it ends. I ran hard for 6:20 what ever that means. After that we did the 400 and 200 equivalent hills that the college guys do. We went 4 x 400 with jog back down recovery: (71, 72, 68, 60). Then on to 4 x 200 (31, 29, 27, 24.9) I was really happy with my last 400 and last 200. It was nice to really get up on the toes and hammer. Pretty good effort all around. Seemed like everyone was psyched about their workout. Headlamp and reflective vest on for the cool down. Watched the first quarter of the Celtic's game at Boj's after. Who the heck are these guys?

Tuesday, November 5th

Am: 3mi/20min on the roads solo. Pm: 9mi/62min in Saxton's River trails with Ferenc, Lena, and Ellie. We saw a porcupine and miracle of all miracles the dogs did not get quilled! We had to switch on the headlamps at the end of the run coming down the switchbacks. Tis the season for headlamps and bright orange clothing. Legs sluggish.

Monday, November 4th

0mi. A nice day of lethargy. We had the Turkey Trot at school. It was awesome. I love seeing the kids really get into and give their all in the race. Fun stuff.

Sunday, November 3rd

Am: 4mi/28min in Pisgah with Griffin. Good chilly morning run. I watched the NYC Marathon after at Glenn's house. Pm: 9mi/57min on the Putney dirt roads with Ferenc. Rolling along feeling good. We had a run in with a couple of dogs. Their owners stood there watching as the dogs growled at us inches from our crotches and thighs. We kicked at them to shoo them away. I asked the owners if they were going to call their dogs and they yelled back,"Don't kick them, they don't bite". I yelled back that we've heard that before and that they were closer to biting us than we were to kicking them. I then asked for an apology. We might be waiting a long time for that to come. An otherwise awesome run. Total for the week: 66mi.

Saturday, November 2nd

13mi/1:23 in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Ferenc saw and otter in a stream. I didn't get a great look at it, but I saw it's tail swirling around in the water. Later in the run we saw an enormous old raccoon that climbed an oak tree to escape the dogs. Great run on a warm November day. We realized from the top of Pisgah Ridge we could see the house that sits on top of "the Clearing", which is the famous Keene State long run. Feeling good.

Friday, November 1st

8mi/52min in Pisgah with Griffin. Warm and humid day in the high 60's. There were lot's of puddles out there because of all the rain last night and this morning.

October Totals

I ran 218 miles in October. That's a 49.2 MPW average. It's a slightly misleading stat because I took a recovery week after the DeMar Marathon and I only ran 16 miles. I ran in 2 races where I finished 1st and 5th. I've done two track workouts that both went well and a handful of tempo runs. I'd like to get into a pattern of lifting and doing hill sprints for November. I'm not concerned about high mileage as I'll be building strength and speed for indoor track in December and January. I'm also looking to defend my title at Lil Rhody. It sounds like the competition will be fierce this year. I'm excited and feeling like I'll be ready.

Thursday, October 31st

0mi. Nasty weather. Did some yoga and then hung out with Glenn.

Wednesday, October 30th

Am: 2mi with Health class kids. Pm: 9mi*/58min - Track workout at Monadnock with Thomas, Andy, Boj and George. 400-200-200 x 4 with 200rest. (68, 34, 32, 67, 33, 32, 64, 31, 31, 61, 31, 29). Good workout. I probally ran the last two sets too fast, but I was chasing Thomas around the track and was trying to prove to myself that I still had some wheels. I'm pretty psyched about being able to roll a 61. Watched the Sox win the series at Boj's after the workout.

Tuesday, October 29th

10mi*/64min. I did a 6mi tempo run on the Keene tracks. Ran 35min for the tempo then cruised it home. I wanted to leave a little in the tank for tomorrow's track workout. Feel great!

Monday, October 28th

Am: 2mi with Health class. Pm: 9mi/56min in Saxton's River trails with Ferenc and the girls. Great run. Feeling good.

Sunday, October 27th

0mi. Not feeling good today. Total for the week: 55mi.