Friday, October 29, 2010

Week of Oct. 25th-31st

Monday: 1mi / 8min w/health class.

Tuesday: omi - lifted upper body. Walked w/Griffin

Wednesday: omi - lifted chest and back. Walked w/M.C., Griffin, and Jimmy

Thursday: 8mi */ 45:35 in Pisgah w/Griffin. New P.R. for me on my 8 miler! I said I was going to take this week off from running, but I miss it too much and feel ready to go. 3 days off is plenty of rest.

Friday: 9mi / 62min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and The Girls. Good run, legs a wee tired.

Saturday: 13mi / 1:29 in Pisgah w/Griffin. Good run, beautiful crisp morning. Lifted upper body.

Sunday: 12mi* / 1:15 - 7mile Trail Race in Madame Sherie Forest. Ran with Fyffe and Ferenc. Those guys were killing me on the climbs. We decided to stick together to avoid getting lost. The course was really tough to follow and it was rugged! Ran back out on the course to try to find Goupil. He was out there a while.

Total: 43mi - Not a bad week, considering I took the first 3 days off. I'm glad I lifted 3 times, I want to do that again next week and get a speed workout.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week of October 18th-24th

Monday: Very sore today. I walked 1 hour today trying for a little active recovery. Seemed to help.

Tuesday:am- 3mi / 30min w/health class. Nice and slow, feeling a little better.
pm- 3mi / 22min on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Griffin. Still some soreness, but not too bad.

Wednesday: 2mi / 16min w/health class. Had an xc meet. Josh and Ashleigh won. States on Saturday, I'm excited.

Thursday: am- 2mi / 16min w/health class.
pm- 10mi / 67min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Saw a barred owl and a porcupine. Legs really tired, I guess I'm not recovered from the marathon yet. Nice chilly day.

Friday: am- 3mi / 24min. w/health class
pm- 13mi / 1:25 in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Boj, Fyffe, and the girls. Tough run. My legs are toast. Started to bonk a bit at the end.

Saturday:am- 3mi / 21min in Friedsam Forest w/Griffin and Jimmy, legs felt dead.
pm- 2mi / 15min at xc meet.

Sunday: 13mi* / 1:21 - Groton Forest 9.5mi trail race - 60:04 2nd place. Crappy race. My legs clearly have not recovered from the marathon. They were hurting early. I had trouble with the downhills and twisty turns on this course. Usually, I really enjoy this course and have fun on the roller coaster terrain. Not today! The winner hammered a new course record. He was flying!

Total: 54mi - Not a great week. I really should have taken more days off, or just not raced on Sunday. My legs are pretty fried. I'm gonna take next week off from running. My goal is to get in the gym 3 times and lift. This will be a nice break for my legs and mind. I'm gonna start training for indoors after my rest. The goal will be to break 4:20 in the mile. I'd also like to break 2min again in the 800m and run a sub 9min. 3000m.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baystate Marathon

Road marathons suck. I always thought they did anyway, that's why I waited 33 years to try one. It was never the distance that I was afraid of. It was the distance on roads pounding the crap out of my skeleton. I love running on trails. I don't even mind running far on trails, though I'm definitely better at the short stuff. I like the softness and scenery of the trails. I like that at a trail race, I don't need to wait in a long line to poop in a nasty port-o-potty, I can squat behind a tree and dig a hole. I like the ease of parking, and that trail races are never held in crowded cities. I also kind of liked telling nonrunners that I've never run a road marathon, they usually get silent and you can see their brains thinking, "Oh, he's not a real runner." That always gave me a silent self chuckle. I also like that at trail races, there is no fanfare. No screaming cheering crowds, just trees and wildlife. I really was convinced that road marathons sucked and I never wanted to do one.

Well, I did one. I ran Baystate today. I drove with Jen, George, and Justin down to Lowell, Mass. We got stuck in traffic on the way to the city. Road marathons suck. We had a hard time finding a place to park. Road marathons suck. We didn't know if we could come back to our car, before the race to change clothes. Road marathons suck. We had to wait in long lines to take our prerace dumps. Road marathons suck. When I got to the extremely crowded starting line, I suddenly had to pee really bad. Not a problem at a trail race, find a tall tree. Not here, in the city. I held it for 26.2miles. Road marathons suck.

Then things started to change. Things stopped sucking. We were asked to remove our hats, for the playing of the national anthem. They had technical difficulties. No anthem. Road marathons suck. Until, all 4,000 runners belted out the Star Spangled Banner loud and proud. That was cool. That didn't suck.

The race itself was awesome. I ran with Fyffe for a couple miles. He pulled away after 3 miles. I didn't go, because I knew it was too fast for me. I ran with 2 BAA guys for 13 miles. I was feeling great. I hit the half marathon at 1:16:22. I was ready to do another one. I pulled away from the guys I was running with and the road ahead was pretty desolate looking. No marathoners in sight. Jason Porter caught me around 15.5 miles and we ran together for a while. I felt great and was rolling. I was surprised to see my miles were still under 6 minutes. 22 miles into the race. Jason started to pull away from to chase down Titus Mutinda. A big blister popped on my toe at around 23 miles. I was getting tired but I didn't slow down too much. Mile 26 was tough. It felt great coming into the stadium and seeing Jen cheering like mad. I crossed the line in 2:34:32. I was pumped! I felt good. I had a ton of fun. I enjoyed the experience. I liked the measured miles and the water stations. I smiled at the screaming crowds and gave some thumbs up late in the race. It was really fun. I signed up saying it would be my first and last road marathon. I told people it was gonna suck. I had visions of my legs exploding from the pavement pounding at 20 miles. I was convinced I would drag my body the last 6 miles, limping home in 8 minute miles. It didn't happen. It was great. I can't wait to do another one. Here are my splits:

5:41, 5:46, 5:50, 5:46, 5:46, 5:48, 5:54, 5:44, 5:49, 5:50 - 58:01 10 mile split
5:53, 5:56, 5:54, 5:55, 5:56, 6:01, 5:54, 5:49, 5:54, 5:59 - 1:57:18 20 mile split
5:54, 5:52, 5:51, 5:58, 6:01, 6:20, 1:17 - 2:34:32 17th (5:54 pace)

On the way out of the stadium, we had trouble finding our car and the traffic was bad. I guess they still kind of suck...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week of October 11th-17th

Monday: 5mi / 33min on Ashuelot rail trail w/Griffin. Feel good.

Tuesday: 11mi / 15min w/xc team + 56min in Pisgah w/Griffin and Jimmy.

Wednesday: 9mi / 32min w/xc health class + 32 min on Ashuelot rail trai w/Griffin. Legs kind of feel like crap.

Thursday: 3mi / 24min w/health class. Had an xc meet. Josh won again!

Friday: am 2mi w/circuits
pm 8mi / 53min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Feel great. Had fun running in the cold rain. The streams were raging!

Saturday: 5mi / 36min on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Griffin. Beautiful chilly morning run. Ready for Baystate tomorrow.

Sunday: 27mi* / 2:41 - Baystate Marathon - 2:34:32 (5:54) 17th.

Total: 70mi - Good week. I had a lot of fun at the marathon. Time to rest and recover. Finish out the fall with some fun trail races and get some speed for indoors. I want to get back to the gym, I haven't been in forever.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week of Oct. 4th-10th

Monday: 0 mi - watched Josh and Ashleigh win their xc races. I was a little sore from my active weekend of racing.

Tuesday: am - 6mi / 45min - Ran to school, at school, and xc practice - did striders
pm - 8mi* / 46:34 in Pisgah w/Griffin. New record for my 8 miler! Felt smooth and relaxed, worked the last 3 miles. Feel confident and fit right now.

Wednesday: 1mi / 8 min. + strides. Ran at school w/kids. Played football w/kids.

Thursday: am - 5mi /39min - xc team
pm - 8mi / 51min in Pisgah w/Griffin. (r) piriformis extremely sore. Oh well, I've delt with this before. Tweaked it playing soccer at school.

Friday: 10mi / 67min in Pisgah w/Boj and Griffin. O.K. run. (r) piriformis sore and legs tired but the weather was beautiful.

Saturday: 0mi - felt sick today. Watched Josh win another xc meet. It was an awesome race.

Sunday: 13mi* / 1:23 - Monroe 10.5mi trail race - 1:15:34 -1st.
I was really hoping to break the course record which is 1:14:16, set by Kent Lemme back in 2008. We had a great battle that year, but he beat me in the end by about 19 seconds.
I felt going into this that I could definitely run 1:13. This is a very tough course with 5 miles of steady climbing, followed by 5.5 miles of technical ankle breaking downhill with a few flats mixed in. Oh yeah, there are also two, shin deep stream crossings just to add to the fun. The weather was perfect and the course was dry and in great shape. I went out fairly hard with Ross Krause with Brian Rusiecki and Chris Hayhurst trailing us a little back. Climbing the first very steep switch back section, I went off trail because of all the leaves that were down. Ross pointed me the right way, and he took the lead. Brian and Chris caught back up to us. Ross set a very good pace up the steep climb and we quickly pulled away from those two. I have to admit I was a little surprised at how fit Ross was. I haven't seen him this strong, ever. When we topped out on the really steep stuff, the trail opens up on some double track that's all uphill but very runable. I retook the lead and Ross stuck right with me. We turned left onto the fire road and I kicked the pace up a notch, again Ross handled that well and stayed with me. We turned at the first aid station, not taking any fuel, and continued to climb up some good single track to the top of the small mountain. The trail steadily climbs on this section with some runable ups mixed with some pretty steep stuff. After about 37 minutes into the race, most of which was climbing, I finally pulled away from Ross. I hit the top, around 41 minutes, I can't remember exactly and I have no idea where this ranks with me in past years, but it felt like the best I've ever climbed on this course.
Hitting the downhill is where I really excel on this course. Not to sound cocky, but I figured that if I got to the top in sight of the leaders, even if I was behind, I would still win the race because of my downhilling ability. I let it fly. I was really hammering and just having a blast doing it. At one point on a not very technical section, I lost my focus and rolled my right ankle and went sliding 15 feet on my stomach. I got up limping, but was able to slowly run on. After about 30 seconds I was able to run fast again, though I may have been a bit more cautious. I was still thinking course record. At some point after the first stream crossing I got off course. I followed old pink ribbons off the trail and up an old stream bed. This eventually came to a road and I knew this wasn't the course. I let out a swear or two and then turned around. I eventually got back on track and lost around a minute, maybe even more. Getting close to the finish, I knew I wasn't gonna break the record. I lost too much time and the record is pretty damn fast! I ran hard and crossed the line in 1:15:34, not too shabby.
I enjoyed a coke and chili as I watched the rest of the top guys come in. Ross said that Chris had passed him, but he got lost. A lot of finishers said they took wrong turns and quite a few did the same thing I did(following the old pink ribbons to the road). Jen finished in 1:58. I was worried she was gonna get lost out there, but she kept on course. She looked pretty worked after the race. It is one tough course, but a lot of fun. It's also in an absolutely beautiful spot and the post race grub was good. Jen and I enjoyed doing meatball grinder belches the whole car ride home. It was a great day, and I'll be back next year.

Total: 51mi - Not a great week, basically had 3 days off. Next week is Baystate. Keep it cool and easy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week of Sept 27th-Oct 3rd

Monday: 5mi / 33min in Pisgah w/Griffin

Tuesday 14mi* / 1:28 in Pisgah w/Griffin and Jimmy. Great run, felt fast and worked the climbs. Very muggy but the rain showers kept me cool. Wore my new Mudrock 290's. They are awesome. Saw a porcupine.

Wednesday: 1mi / 8min. w/Health class. Had an xc meet. Josh won again. Lifted upper body.

Thursday: 12mi / 1:19 in Pisgah w/Griffin. Decent run, muggy and raining. Saw a deer.

Friday: 10mi / 68min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Griffin, and Bailey. Nice romp in the rain.

Saturday: 13mi* / 1:25 Ran the Chesterfield 5K w/Josh, then zipped over to the KSC Invite and registered with 20 minutes to spare. Ran 27:00 finishing in 14th. Felt good, went out slow and kept moving up through the pack. I had a really good kick to hold off a KSC runner. Picture perfect fall weather.

Sunday: 13mi* / 1:25 - Ran the Pinnacle Challenge with Fyffe, Miller, and Ferenc. We got 1st place as a team in 2:00:17. I ran 22:07 on the 3.5mi trail run. It was a blast.

Total: 68mi - Great week. Had an awesome weekend with two great races. I'm pleased with Tuesday's run as well. Starting to feel very good and the 50K is definitely behind me and out of my legs. Looking forward to another good week of running. I can't wait to run at Monroe, I love that course!