Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30

9mi/62min in Pisgah with Ferenc and Lena and Ellie. Feeling a little stiff and tight but the run helped loosen me up. We saw a porcupine and the girls stayed unquilled which was a minor miracle. It was nice weather in the woods running at 5:45 at night. Tomorrow is gonna be a scorcher and my kids are racing at the CVL Championships.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29

10mi*/69min with a track workout at KMS. It felt like a Wednesday of old with 5 guys there (George, Andy, Najem and Miller). We even decided to all do the same workout. 8x400 w/200rest (71,70,69,69,69,69,69,66). I'm fairly pleased with the result. I feel like I'm starting to break out of this funk I've been stuck in. It was super humid at the track. Played some lawn golf at Boj's after and he was -7 after 9 holes with 2 hole-in-ones. EL TIGRE!

Tuesday, May 28

7mi/46min in Pisgah with Griffin. I ended with 2x8sec hill sprints. I gotta start doing these again and 2 was a good place to start. I have a cold right now. It's a mild one but still annoying to be stuffed up in hot weather.

Monday, May 27

10mi/72min on the Keene tracks with George and Fyffe. Nice and relaxed run. Good to run with Fyffe Dogg again. Played some dunk hoops in the afternoon at George's house. BOOMSHACKALACKA!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week of May 20-26

I ran 6 days. I only took a day off when I had a track meet. I still only ran 41miles. I had a few short runs on days where I really wasn't motivated. I lifted weights a couple days and have been stretching and doing yoga. My back is still sore and tight but I'm seeing a little improvement. I ran the Sap Lines in Saxton's River in 1:26, which was a decent effort. I need to increase my miles.

Week of May 13-19

My week of obnoxious upper back pain continues. Running is a struggle. I did a track workout with George and Garry. We did 10x200m. We started at 37 and chopped it down to 30 on our last one. I had 2 track meets this week and 2 zeroes on those days. I ran the Westmoreland 4miler in 22:44 getting 2nd. Chris Reilly pulled away at the top of the big climb at 1.5mi. That was it. He ran 22:01 which is legit on this hilly course. I'm out of shape and beat up but it was a fun race. Pard and Jen won their age groups. (I did too) It was fun catching up with James and enjoying the nice weather. Total 50miles. I got some work to do!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week of May 6-12

I went down to Rhode Island for nature's classroom. This is a school trip where I get to stay with 12 6th grade boys in a cabin for a week. It's always interesting! My back is still unmercifully tight and the crappy mattress certainly didn't help. It's not enjoyable running right now. I did slog out 42 miles with a decent 14miler with Ferenc on Sunday.

Week of April 29-May 5

Recovered from sinus infection. My upper back us killing me. Probably from laying around for a week and then running up and down Mt. Ascutney. I won the Chesterfield 10k in 39:51. A mix of dirt roads and trails. I feel like an out of shape old man. Total 41miles.