Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week of Aug 23rd-29th

Monday: 0 mi - feeling lazy

Tuesday: 9mi / 61 min. in Saxton's River w/Ferenc, the Girls, and Whistle

Wednesday: am 8mi / 67 min. in Pisgah w/Jen and Griffin
pm 11mi* / 66 min. track workout @ T pace 3miles 15:55 -400 rest- 2 mi 10:38 -pit stop- 1mi 5:03. Good workout. I felt relaxed and it was comfortably hard. It was fun running the 3 miles w/Fyffe and the mile w/George.

Thursday: 8mi / 53 min. in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls. Great run, my legs feel awesome. Looked at some very large bear scat and moose tracks. Lifted upper body.

Friday: am 6mi / 39 min. in Pisgah w/Griffin - beautiful weather
pm 9mi / 62 min. in Saxton's River w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Boj, the Girls, and Whistle

Saturday: 14mi / 1:38 Swanzey Covered Bridge Course w/Fyffe and Andy - nice run, another beautiful day.

Sunday: 18mi* / 1:50 Clarence Demar Course - 13 miles @ m.p. 5:50 -1:16:11 - I went into this run thinking it would be easy, it was tough. Next time I'll make sure I'm well rested and hydrated and give it a better effort. Thanks to Fyffe for being my crew. It was great having him out there reading splits, handing me fluids, and giving me encouragement.
Jen and Boj had big runs too. Jen ran the Pisgah short course and Boj did an epic 3:41 trail run out in Pisgah. They'll both be ready to have good races in a couple weeks.

Total: 83 miles - Good week. Summer is over. Back to school next week. Keep getting some doubles and two races next week: KSC Alumni meet and Wapack.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

I'm sipping a chromium replacement beverage, recovering from today's long run in Burlingame State Park in Charlestown, RI. It was a great run. I had the song "Let the Good Times Roll" stuck in my head for 2 hrs. I think it's by the Cars. It poured the whole time I was out there, which meant I had the trails completely to my self. I did see a lot of people when I ran through the campground. I got a few cheers on my 3rd lap through passing the same campsite. The run went flawlessly and I was able to run even splits clicking off 57 minutes per lap. There were only two negatives things about the whole run. First, when I came to my truck after the first lap, I unwrapped my Milkyway Bar to find that the chocolate was streaked with white, which meant it was probably 5 years old. I decided not to eat it and threw it in the bushes. I kept my fingers crossed the last lap, fearing that I might bonk, but I was o.k. Second, because of the relentless rain, my groin is chafed beyond oblivion. I even put on lube before my run, but it didn't help. Oh well.
I'm conflicted with the Pisgah race. Part of me wants to run the 50k because it's awesome and epic. The other part of me wants to go after Ferenc's record on the short course because I think I can do it. I'm gonna keep doing long runs to get ready for the 50k, but I might do the 23k. I'm heading to a birthday party today for my nephew and niece. Let the Good Times Roll...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week of August 16th-22nd

Monday: am 5mi / 32min on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Griffin - Griffin chased a coyote. Knee feels o.k.
pm 10mi / 63 min. in Swanzey w/XC Camp - Great run

Tuesday: am 6mi / 45 min. in Pisgah w/Griffin - quads and calves sore, knee much better
pm 7mi*/ 44 min. - 4-3-2-1 fartlek run w/XC Camp - felt controlled and smooth, easy workout

Wednesday: 10mi / 72 min. in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls - swim after

Thursday: 9mi* / 60 min. - 10 x golf course hills @ 74 sec avg w/XC Camp - good workout, it was hot out and I felt worked from the heat. Some of the HS kids have wheels!

Friday: 0 mi - Needed a rest day. Lifted weights - upper body

Saturday: 13mi / 1:25 in Pisgah w/Boj and Griffin - worked the climb up the ridge, felt great.

Sunday: 24mi* / 2:51 in Burlingame - 3 x Lil Rhody course (57 per lap) in the pouring rain. Great run happy, to run even splits, felt good the whole way. Saw 3 deer.

Total: 84 miles - Great week. I really enjoyed running with the HS kids at the camp. I'm glad I got two speed workouts and a nice long run in on Sunday. The best part of the week was hanging out w/ Dion and Coach Haberek. I'm sure my nephew and niece's bday party will be fun too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Week of August 9th-15th

Monday: 8 mi / 53 min. in Pisgah w/the Girls

Tuesday: 12 mi* / 1:20 ran 4 in Pisgah w/Pard, Jen, and Girls, then immediately ran w/George and did a track workout: 8 x 200m @ 32-30 seconds w/200 rest - easy, just wanted to shake the rust out.

Wednesday: 12mi / 1:27 in Keene w/ KHS XC Camp - right knee inflamed, bug bite?? back of leg swollen, limited mobility-can't bring heel to butt, iced

Thursday: 9 mi* / 59 min. - Cigna 5K-15:55 (5:08), 18th place - I just didn't feel good out there. Pretty disappointed. I knew it was gonna be bad during the warm-up. The only good news is that if I had a bad race last year it would have been 16:25. I am fit this year. Oh well. I'm happy for everyone that had good races. Jim Johnson ran awesome. On a good day, maybe I could have latched on to him and run 15:20 or so. That's what I was thinking going into this race. Time to lick my wounds and run well at Bridge of Flowers. My knee has more mobility today and some of the swelling is down, still have some strange bump/ bug bite thing on the back of it.

Friday:am 8 mi / 65 min in Pisgah w/Jen and the Girls.
pm 6 mi / 40 min in Pisgah w/the Girls

Saturday: 11 mi* / 70 min. - Bridge of Flowers 10k-34:25 (5:33) 27th. Tough day! I ran o.k. My legs just don't have much zip. I know when I'm slow on downhills that I'm not myself. I probably shouldn't have done 14 yesterday, but I'm trying to get ready for a tough 50k. I need some mileage! Upon finishing the race, I was ready to give up doubles and higher mileage. Screw that! I'm gonna stick with it for a few more weeks, it will pay off. I'm glad Ben passed me, we got 2nd because of him. If we used my time, Whirlaway would have beaten us by 5 seconds. That's why we're a great team, good depth! It was great seeing Fyffe and KG out there cheering. True teammates and good people. It will be awesome when they're out there racing hard again. Easy run tomorrow, but I'll still get the miles in.

Sunday: 0 mi - knee is swollen, this is not a running injury but it's affecting my stride. I'll try tomorrow.

Total: 66 mi - O.K. week, got to get my knee healthy and get my mileage back up. Need to lift a couple times next week, too. Want to do an ultra long run next week of 3+ hours.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week of Aug 2nd-8th

Monday: 5 mi / 44 min. in Maine on the roads w/Jen and Griffin
1:45 Hiked Pleasant Mtn. w/Jen and Griffin- It was very pleasant!!

Tuesday: 0 mi - 3:45 hiked Speckle Mtn. in Maine w/Jen, Griffin, and Boomer- fun, easy hike. Saw Boreal Chickadees, moose poop, and lot's of clouds and rain!

Wednesday: 10 mi* / 65 min. track workout w/Andy -12 x 400m@ 74sec avg. w/200m jog recovery @ 45 sec. - very tough workout! The 6 min. pace recovery made this tough, that and the 88 degree heat and humidity, and the 4.5 hr ride from Maine. Took a slow 400 jog after 6, then took a pit stop after 8. Almost died in the port-a-potty! It must have been 120 degrees in there. Finished the last 4 on target. I want to try more of these types of workouts with fast recovery.

Thursday: am 8mi / 52 min. in Pisgah w/Griffin - pouring rain, thunderstorm - lifted upper body, Jen and Glenn ran in the other direction
pm 8 mi / 56 min. in Saxton's River w/Ferenc, Lena, Ellie, Griffin, and Whistle

Friday: am 9 mi / 61 min. in Pisgah w/the girls
pm 5 mi* / 29 min. on the Keene Rail Trail - pickup for 2.5 miles @5:25 pace

Saturday: 20 mi / 2:20 in Pisgah w/Goupil, Boj, and the girls - great run, awesome weather

Sunday: 6mi / 46 min. in Pisgah w/the girls

Total: 71 miles - O.K. week, didn't hit my mileage goal, but had fun in Maine and got some good time on feet which will help for the 50k.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bumpin it Up

I've had 3 weeks in a row now in the 80's. I'm bumpin it up to get ready for the Pisgah 50k and beyond. I've committed to running the Baystate Marathon on October 17th which will be my first road marathon. I have 7 weeks until Pisgah and 11 weeks until Baystate. I want to keep cranking out 80's and 90's. My legs felt a little fried today during the 20 miler, but I suspect that was more from 3 races last week, rather than due to the mileage this week. I realized I need to keep doing what I'm doing but make sure I get in some "real" long runs. I'm talking 3+ hour runs to get ready for Pisgah. I'd like to make sure I get some long runs on the roads so my body is ready for the pounding during Baystate. My goal for Pisgah is to win. Time is not important. For Baystate, I have an A goal and a B goal. A goal is 2:30 or faster, B goal is sub 2:37. I've got some work to do. Time to get after it!!