Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week of September 22nd to 28th, 2014

3mi/23min in Friedsam with the xc team.  Beautiful weather.  A wee bit sore.

AM:  3mi/22min on the roads solo.  Good run.
PM:  7mi/53min in Pisgah with Greg E. and Griffin.  Great run.  Nice weather.  Body a bit stiff and sore.

5mi/35min on the roads solo in the morning.  Did drills and sprints after.  Had an xc meet in the afternoon.  My kids ran great.

0mi.  Lifted weights.  I'm feeling a little run down with a cold or allergies.  I took a short nap in the afternoon.

AM:  3mi/20min on the roads solo. 
PM:  7mi/49min in Pisgah with Greg E. and Griffin.  Nice run feeling good.  The Pisgah race is out of my legs now, body feels good.

5mi/35min on the roads solo.  Had an xc meet.  My kids ran great again. 

18mi*/2:05 on the Saxton's River trails with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Great run.  We saw a porcupine and the girls didn't get quilled!  The porcupine ran down the trail for a ways and didn't want to climb a tree but eventually it did.  Cute little guy.

Total for the week:
51miles.  OK week.  I need to turn these morning runs into doubles.  I'm happy I doubled twice, but shooting for more of those next week.

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