Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week of November 22nd-28th

Monday: 8mi / 1:01 in Saxton's River w/Boj, Ferenc, and the Girls. Very slow going due to my sore legs and dark conditions. Finished with our headlamps on.

Tuesday: 10mi / 64min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Good run. Saw a deer and a hunter, luckily for the deer they were miles apart.

Wednesday: 5mi / 40min on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Jen and Griffin.

Thursday: 10mi* / 62min Pie and Glove 5K - 15:37(5:02) 2nd. Good race. New P.R.! I went back and forth with a kid that runs for Dartmouth. I got 2 seconds on him at 2miles, but he caught back up and made a really strong move at 4k. That was it. I couldn't match it. He won in 15:31. It was really windy and snowing. This was a flat course with lots of twisty turns. Jen and Katie ran well. Had a nice meal at Jen's parents house in Horseheads, NY.

Friday: 0mi - Long drive home. Body stiff.

Saturday: 7mi / 46min on Ashuelot Rail Trail w/Griffin. Nice run.

Sunday: 24mi / 3:20. Arcadia Run w/Bentley, Jonny, and Boj. Great run. This idea was all Jonny's. He got the maps and figured out a cool route. I have to admit, after driving back from NY on Friday night, I really didn't want to drive 3hrs to Rhody. I'm glad I did. It was a lot of fun. Jonny and I hit Dunkin at 6am, and headed to the trail head. We met Bentley and Boj who were also sipping DD coffee. At 645 we were off. The weather was cold 25 degrees, but sunny with no wind. We saw a few hunters that no doubt were pissed at us for scaring all the deer. We climbed some snow capped peaks in the clouds at 400ft above sea level. O.K. there was no snow or clouds. We hit a lot of great single track and ran over some pretty technical stuff. Mt. Tom was pretty sweet. After 3 hrs, I was tired and ready to be done. At 320, we were back in the parking lot, tired but happy. The company was good and we laughed a lot on this run.

Total: 64mi - Good week. I'm happy to get a new 5K p.r. Now, I just need to avg sub 5min per mile. I'd like to lift some next week and possibly race another 5K.


  1. Great job on the PR! We have until Tuesday to sign up for Reggie Lewis on Sat. I am going. The more the better.

  2. Thanks. I'm skipping Reggie. I'm gonna run a 5K road race in Concord. My first indoor race will be at the URI Alumni meet on Dec. 11th.

  3. I'm glad you made the drive down! I'll start planning the next epic adventure for Christmas break....

  4. congratulations on the pr Greg! Great job.

  5. Congrats on the PR and thanks for driving down to run with us. Maybe next time Princess Sugar Leaf will come too...

  6. Sweet PR Greg! Breaking 5:00 pace for a 5K is an awesome goal and I'd like to join you on that adventure.