Monday, May 12, 2014

Week of April 28th to May 4th, 2014

0mi.  I had a track meet and didn't get home til 8pm.  We had some really good performances.  A kid ran a school record 400m in 58.4.

0mi.  It was a cold miserable day and when I got home from practice I just didn't feel like heading back out into the weather.  Pathetic.  Lethargy breeds lethargy.  I hate starting weeks like this.

8mi/54min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Crappy weather.  44degrees F and raining.  Felt good and glad I got out there.  I saw a large pile of bear scat on the Lily trail. 

0mi.  Just feeling lazy.  Sometimes when I know my weekly total is going to suck anyway, I bag a day like this.  Ugghhh.  I should have run.  On days like this I should just get out the door and run 3 miles.  Anything is better than a zero.

am: 3mi at school with Fit Club.
Pm:  3mi with the track team in Friedsam.  Fun run.  Feeling good.
Pm+:  4mi in Pisgah with Griffin.  Gorgeous weather today.  Feeling great.  Fun triple, but it's only a 10mi day.

9mi*/60min - Friends of Chesterfield School 10K - 37:51 (6:05) 1st place.
This is a very tough hybrid race.  It's a mix of roads, dirt roads and trails.  It's very hilly and slow going.  Chris Hayhurst and another guy that looked fit but was wearing Vibrams stuck with me through the mile.  After that we climbed the big hill up my road.  Chris stayed on my tail until we entered the woods.  I hammered and opened up a gap on Chris.  At the turn around in the woods, near the 5K mark, my lead was 42 seconds on Chris.  The next mile and a half is all uphill.  I continued to hammer made it hurt climbing out of Horseshoe Rd.   The final 3K is mostly downhill on dirt road and I pushed home for the comfortable win.  I was almost 2min up on Chris at the finish.  I was pleased to see that I was exactly 2min faster than last year.  Last year, I was coming off a terrible sinus infection that forced me to take 11 days off and I was quite out of shape after that.  I don't think I'm in great shape this year, but 2min faster is highly encouraging.  I also ran hard the entire time and felt like I nailed a good race.  I know what a good race feels like and that was it.

7mi/49min on the Sleepy Hollow trails in Huntington, VT.  I drove up with Ferenc to the Sleepy Hollow race to watch him crush souls.  Warmed up with Jim Johnson, Kevin Tilton and Ferenc.  It's always good seeing those guys.  I wish they lived closer so I could run with them more.  They're good people.  The weather was nasty and the course was muddy.  I got cold watching the race so I ran up a hill to warm myself up and I missed Ferenc finishing.  Oops.  We did a good cool down and he was clearly very pumped with his result.   I felt bad for Mike Galoob and his shitty race.  I know he's in great shape and shouldn't be too discouraged by one sub-par result due to stomach issues.  He'll bounce back.  Fun day watching a good trail race.

Total for the week:
34mi.  Not a great week.  I need to get out the door every day.  One day off is ok.  3 days off is terrible.  I need to lift again also.  I'm pretty pleased with Saturday's race.

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