Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week of January 4th to 10th, 2016

0mi.  I did DDP yoga in the morning.  Lazy afternoon.

9mi*/63min - Track workout at Baker St. with Andy and Thomas.
Mile, 4 x 400m, 4 x 200m with 400 rest after mile and 400's, 200 rest after 200's.
(5:28, 75, 74, 74, 74, 35, 36, xx, xx)
Decent first workout of the year.  It's been a loooong time since I've done any form of speed work.
The mile was slow but it's a start.  My left hip/hamstring was bugging me so I skipped the last 2 200's.

1mi/8min + drills at YMCA after lifting weights.  Got swole.  At night I rock climbed with George at his gym in his barn.

0mi - Lazy day.  I had a late meeting at work.

0mi - Did agility ladders and dynamics before playing indoor soccer for 1:30.  It's a blast playing soccer again, especially indoor which is faster paced.

0mi - lifted weights and took Griffin for a 40min hike in Pisgah with Jen.

9mi/60min - Athens trails with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Good run but the weather was awful.  It was 35 degrees and pouring rain.  We were going to go longer but we were both soaked and cold.

Total for the week:
19mi.  I should probably run at least 4 days a week, but pleased with the speed workout. 

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