Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week of January 11th to 17th, 2016

3mi/25min with Running Club on Horseshoe Rd.  Cold and windy day.  Slow and easy with the kids.  At night, Jen and I drove to Peterborough to watch the movie "Run Free" a documentary about Caballo Blanco.  It was a great movie, he lived a pretty amazing life.

1mi/8min + drills at YMCA after lifting weights.  My body felt great today and I was able to lift heavy (for me) and I felt super snappy and had good range of motion on my drills.  I did a fast walk when I got home from the gym with Griffin which kept her moving at a good trot.  She's turning 13 in a couple months and she can't run with me anymore but this was great for her.

I played some intense floor hockey at school.  Fun stuff! 

11mi*/1:17 - Baker St. track workout with Andy and Thomas.
400m-200m-200m x 4 with same distance recovery jogs
(74, 34, 35, 73, 34, 34, 72, 34, 34, 69, 33, 31)
Good workout!  Cold and windy.  My lower back and hip were a bit stiff but loosened up for the last set.  We did a nice long 4mi cool down.  Played more floor hockey at school.

0mi.  I reffed 2 basketball games at night and played more hockey at school.

0mi.  I did a 25min hike in Pisgah with Griffin.  I did agility ladder drills and then played 1:15 of indoor soccer.  Glenn played which added to the fun.  I felt pretty quick and agile out there.  More hockey during the day.

0mi.  Lifted weights and went for a 20min hike with Griffin in Pisgah.  I tried xc skiing around my yard but the new snow was too slushy and sticky.

15mi/1:45 in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena, and Ellie.  Good crunchy snow conditions.  Beautiful day out there in the woods.  Feeling good.

Total for the week:
30mi.  Good week I was active every day.


  1. Your cross training is second to none. I'd LOVE to get in on that indoor soccer and floor hockey action!!

  2. Ahhh the life of a PE teacher!
    I won't be running any pr's but it sure is fun!