Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week of January 10th-16th

Monday: 8mi / 56min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Lifted.

Tuesday: 0mi - Had to ref.

Wednesday: 16mi / 2:04 on Keene Rds. w/Boj and Goupil. Running on the snowy roads made for slow going. We had to run a mile on trails with knee deep powder. Cool stuff.

Thursday: 0mi - doing all the shoveling I ignored yesterday. Snowshoed all day at school w/kids.

Friday: 12mi / 1:22 on Keene Rds. w/George. This was an obnoxious run. It was getting dark, it was during rush hour on a Friday, and the sidewalks were not plowed on West St. I snowshoed again all day at school w/kids - I have a great job!

Saturday: 11mi* / 70min Baker St. workout. 2x200 w/200rest(28,29) 600(1:35),200rest, 300(47)(rigged on 400)800rest, 3x400 w/400rest(65,64,63)200(27). Very tough workout w/Fyffe. It was cold. I was supposed to do a 400 after the 600, but I started rigging so badly, I stopped at 300m. I rallied and finished the workout pretty well.

Sunday: 11mi s.s. / 78min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls. Nice and easy. Beautiful snowshoe run.

Total: 58mi - Next wk, lift 3 times. Get ready to race the 800m at GBTC Invite.

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