Monday, January 24, 2011

Week of January 17th-23rd

Monday: 16mi / 1:47 in Grafton, VT w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Wilson, and the Girls. Beautiful clear, sunny day. Cold around 8 degrees F at the start. Legs a little bit tired. Lifted upper.

Tuesday: 4mi s.s. / 29min on Jen's track. I put on the 30" back country snowshoes and walked 3 laps to trample down a nice double-track path. I then strapped on the running snowshoes and did 10 laps. It was very tough. The snow was deep and the weather switched from snow to freezing rain while I was out there. Jen and Griffin were out there doing laps also.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60min. Baker St. workout. 8 x 200m(30,29,29,29,28,28,28,27)w/200rest. Good workout. Legs felt sluggish at first, but the 200's woke them up.

Thursday: 9mi s.s. / 64min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Fast packed trails.

Friday: 4mi s.s. / 28min on Jen's track. Trail was packed and fast. Was able to get in 12 laps in a quicker time today with less effort than on Tuesday. Lifted upper body. Hiked in the 30" snowshoes after to pack the trail some more while Jen ran. Another snow day today. This has been a tough week of work. Monday-holiday, Tues-snow day, Wed-2 hr delay, Thurs-full day, Fri-snow day.
pm - 4mi / 30min on Putney Rds. + 4 telephone pole pickups. w/Fyffe and Ferenc. Good run.

Saturday: 0mi. Went for a nice snowshoe hike with Jimmy and Griffin. They didn't like it the snow was too deep and crusty. They stayed behind me while I broke trail.

Sunday: 6mi* / 40min. GBTC 800m - 2:00.51 -1st in heat 3. Good race. I was thinking I could go sub 2 and hoping for a 1:58, but it wasn't to be. I took the lead after 300m and went unchallenged the rest of the way. It was a solid effort, the first 800m of the season is always quite a shock to the system. It was fun watching Fyffe dismantle his heat. He ran a very solid 1:58. We both wished to be faster, but are satisfied with the fact that it's a good tune-up for the mile at Terrier next week.

Total: 52mi - O.K. week. I have to ref. next week and have a meeting on Thursday. I hope to get some decent running in. Excited for the mile and 800m at Terrier.


  1. Good race! You'll be under 2 minutes next time!

    On a side note, you might be interested to know that a current CHS junior ran a 1:57 this past weekend setting a new school record (indoor).

  2. Thanks, that's the plan.

    Very cool to hear that a Chariho kid is running that fast, especially indoors!