Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week of March 7th - 13th

Monday: 0mi - Feel sick and a little sore from 25K. We had an ice storm.

Tuesday: 13mi / 1:23 on Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. Good run.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 72min Baker St. Workout: 3x 800m (2:18,2:21,2:18) w/400 rest. 2 x 400m(65,DNF) w/Fyffe, Goupil, Boj (James). Crappy workout. I went too fast on the first one and tried to salvage something. I was feeling sick and sore. I dropped at 300m on the last 400, I hit the 200 in 31, but I would have run 70 or so.

Thursday: 13mi / 1:38 in Saxton's River w/Ferenc, Boj, Griffin, and Whistle. This was a tough run on tired legs. We did a lot of climbing and post holing up to our shins in the snow. It got dark and it was pouring down freezing rain on us. Lena and Ellie had their own adventure. They took off before we left on our run. Lena came back looking like a drowned rat at 7:30 at night. Ferenc let me know at 12:30am that he finally found Ellie. I'm glad they're back safe and sound. I was starting to fear the worst about Ellie, but she is hard to kill.

Friday: 0mi

Saturday: 7mi / 54min in Pisgah w/M.C., Jimmy, and Griffin. Nice and easy. Good run. Saw 10 snow buntings flying around Horshoe Rd. parking lot.

Sunday: 18mi* / 2:04 on Keene Rds. w/Boj, Fyffe, George, James, and Miller.

Total: 62mi - O.K. week. I had a cold that kind of wiped me out. I'm happy that I got 62 miles on just 5 days of running. This will keep my delta nice and low. I didn't really have the energy to lift this week. Next week, I hope to kick this cold and run well at New Bedford.


  1. Hey Greg, Way to kick New York's ASS. I just looked at the results from the 25K last weekend, and there were only 2 other runners besides you and Fyffe who weren't from New York. And they were from New Jersey. You guys beat the whole friggin state.

  2. Thanks. It's always good when a couple New Englanders triumph over NY. Maybe the Sox were taking notes.

  3. Good to get the cold out of the way now, so you can take some names at NB.