Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week of February 28th-March 6th

Monday: 0mi. Lifted weights

Tuesday: 11mi / 73min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, and the girls. Nice run. Saw a dog sled team.

Wednesday: 12mi* / 1:20 Baker St. Workout- 2,2,4 x 5 w/full rest. all 200's @ 32. We broke down the 400's.(68,66,65,64,60) This was a fun workout. The last set was pretty tough, but I was able to blast a fast 400 to finish. My calves are sore. w/Miller (Fyffe, Boj, Goupil, James, Andy, Haley, and Brad also there)

Thursday: omi. Had a meeting. Lifted weights

Friday: 11mi / 76min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Beautiful run.

Saturday: 6mi / 39min in Caumsett Park, Long Island, NY w/Fyffe, George, and Ferenc. This course is cool. Very windy, but warm, 60 degrees.

Sunday: 20mi* / 2hr. Caumsett 25K - 1:27:53(5:40) 2nd place. Fun race. I went into this in workout mode, I didn't have the race excitement. I wanted to support my friends doing the 50k while gaining some fitness. I was thinking I would just run 6min. pace, but when the gun went off I felt good and was able to crank along at 5:40's. The weather was fairly warm 49 degrees, but very windy and driving rain. It was a hard effort, but still didn't feel like a race effort. I'm pleased. Everyone did well.
5k laps:
17:33, 17:28, 17:22, 17:41, 17:51

Total: 60mi - O.K. week. I'm getting a cold and I took 2 days off. More mileage next week.