Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week of August 8th-14th

Monday: 8mi / 53min in Pisgah w/Griffin. "Climbed" Pitcher Mtn in the pm and saw a bear while we were driving there. Nice views. lifted weights.

Tuesday: 13mi / 1:23 in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Fyffe, and the girls. Great run, my legs felt pretty good for an old guy. lifted weights.

Wednesday: 5mi / 33min on Saxton's River Rds. w/Ferenc and the girls. Body tired.
pm- 10mi* / 64min track workout: 6x400 w/200rest (72,70,69,68,68,67) + 6x200 w/200rest (32,34,32,32,32,32) w/Andy + 1mile (5:34) Lot's of people at the track today. I felt good. Here were the peeps: Fyffe, Ferenc, Boj, Miller, Pipp, James, Brad, Thomas, Ryan, Busby, Bryce, Jen, and Tat. Fun at Armadillos. We needed two tables, a kid's table and the adult's table.

Thursday: 8mi / 52min on Westmoreland Tracks w/Ferenc and the girls. Legs tired. Gorgeous weather.
pm- 7mi* / 46min at Hinsdale Fun Run. 1mi-5:40/2.3-13:44. Feeling good at night.

Friday: 8mi / 56min in Pisgah w/Glenn and the wolves. Nice and easy. Beautiful weather again. lifted weights.

Saturday: 11mi* / 70min - Yankee Candle 5K - 15:39 (5:03) 2nd. This was a good race. I showed up with fairly tired legs. Fyffe was flying (14:47) and I didn't have a watch on, so I wasn't sure if I was running like 16:20 because he was so far ahead. I figured he's in great shape and I felt pretty good so I was hoping for 15 mid. I hit the line 2 seconds off my p.r. of 15:37. I had a few weak moments out there that made the difference in not getting a new p.r. Oh well. A fun day with a lobster dinner after.

Sunday: 27mi* / 3:06 in Pisgah w/Fyffe. I ran with Fyffe for 19 miles and then sent him on a shorter version to get home. I debated going with him, but I was glad to go longer. I felt really strong out there today. That was fun. I still need to get some longer runs to be ready for the 50K in a few weeks.

Total: 97mi - Great week. I'm pleased with the race, workout, and long run. I'm planning on running Savoy 22miler next week. I'm gonna keep the mileage up too.


  1. Trust me, i know what 16:20 feels like...

  2. Muddy WISHES he could even sniff 16:20. Great week Eazy-G! Happy Birthday kid!

  3. Great week Greg, and great race. See you tomorrow.

  4. kids' table, my ass! i def brought the average age of the table way up!