Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week of March 5th to 11th

Monday - 9mi/65min in Pisgah w/Garry, George, and Griffin.  Nice run.  Snow was firm and fast.

Tuesday - 9mi/66min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls.  Nice and easy.  Feeling good.

Wednesday - 12mi*/1:22 - Baker St. workout.  4x800 (2:29,2:27,2:26,2:19) + 4x200 (31,30,29,28)w/Najem.  (Boj and George there also)  Decent workout.

Thursday - 0mi.  Lifted weights.  Had a long meeting and just couldn't get motivated to get out the door for a run.

Friday - 14mi/1:34 in Pisgah w/Griffin.  Awesome run.  I ran out on Pisgah Ridge which was the first time in quite a while.  The trail is icy in the shady spots.  My lower back has been tight.

Saturday - 9mi*/55min - NHTI Sping Ahead 3mi - 15:15(5:05) 2nd place.  This was not a very good race.  I got dragged out too fast in the first 400m by Connor Jennings.  He's fast.  I was in oxygen debt and really hurting the rest of the race.  My 2nd mile was painfully slow, but it was into the wind, with the only little hill on the course.  I was going here looking for a nice workout, instead I got a race that really hurt way too early.  Jen ran well and it was a fun time.  Here are my miles (4:54, 5:17,5:02)

Sunday - 20mi*/2:05 on the Putney Rds. w/Fyffe.  This was an awesome run.  We were moving well the entire time.  The weather was gorgeous and my legs felt great.  I gained some fitness today.

Total - 73mi - I'm pleased with the long run, and the two speed days will boost my fitness.  Friday was a great run also.  This was a good week.  I need to lift 2 times next week and take it a little easier for New Bedford. 

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  1. Nice week man...cant wait to get a run in Pisgah in the next couple months