Friday, March 9, 2012

February 27th to March 4th

Monday - 0mi - Sore and lazy today.

Tuesday - 5mi/34min around the Keene Rds after a meeting in Keene.  Still sore.

Wednesday - 9mi/64min in Pisgah w/Griffin.  2" of fresh powder and snow falling down.  I saw some snowshoe hare tracks and I started to follow them in the opposite direction of where it was going.  Ran into a coyote that was tracking the hare.  He ran when he saw Griffin and me. Lifted weights.

Thursday - 8miS.S./59min in Pisgah w/Griffin.  Had a snow day today.  10" of fresh snow.  First time on snowshoes all winter. Lifted weights and shovelled.

Friday - 0mi.  Went for a hike with Glenn, Jimmy, and Griffin.  Played in the staff vs student basketball game. 

Saturday - 9mi/58min in Caumsett Park, Long Island, NY.  Drove down for the 25/50K.  Ran 3 laps with Fyffe, and Najem.  Boj, Ferenc, and George ran 1 lap with us while Jen ran a lap.  Beautiful sunny weather.  Back stiff from long drive and shovelling.  Saw 29 hawks on the drive down. (2 Cooper's/27 Red Tails)

Sunday - 20mi*/2:10 - Caumsett 25K - 1:28:48(5:43) 4th place.  Here are my 5K laps (17:30, 17:21, 17:38, 17:56, 18:21)  I felt pretty good and enjoyed the course, but I definitely faded on the last lap.  I thought it would be fun to quit at 20K, but endured the last lap.  I was about a minute faster last year.  I'm a little behind in my fitness thanks to a weak February of training.  I need to rally and get ready for New Bedford.  It was a great weekend.  George definitely had the race of the weekend.

Total - 52mi - I should have run more miles.  Caumsett was a great workout for New Bedford in 2 weeks.  Get the miles up next week. 

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