Friday, March 30, 2012

Week of March 19th - 25th

Monday - 8mi/56min in Pisgah w/Griffin.  Nice and easy legs tired from the half marathon.  Hot weather 76 degrees.

Tuesday - 14mi/1:34 in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls. Hot weather again.  Legs tired.

Wednesday - 0miles

Thursday - 18mi/2:01 in Saxton's River Trails w/Ferenc, Boj, the Girls, and Whistle.  Wow.  That was a tough run.  I'm fried and tired.  It was hot out there.  Lifted weights.

Friday - 0miles - Hiked with the Outing Club after school.  Feeling lazy after.

Saturday - 14mi*/1:25 on the Keene Rds. w/Fyffe.  Did a 6mile warm up then did 2 x 3mile pick-up (5:45,5:30,5:41) 1mile recovery (5:23,5:43,5:26) Good workout! Saw 2 breeding Merlins from the Keene High parking lot. 

Sunday - 22mi*/2:29 in the Gilsum Woods w/George, Ferenc, and Fyffe.  Awesome run. Felt good the whole way.  Dawson (George's 12 yr old son) ran the last 3+ miles with us.  Enjoyed some pizza after.  I saw a Northern Harrier flying low over some fields in Westmoreland on the ride home.  Nice bird sightings this weekend.

Total - 76miles.  Good week.  2 days off.  Nice and low delta.  I'll get more mileage next week and lift twice.  Keep up the stretching and yoga.  My lower back was tight at the beginning of week, but better now.

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