Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week of March 26th - April 1st

Monday - 10mi/63min on Pinnacle Mtn w/Ferenc, Fyffe, and the Girls.  Ferenc was feeling fresh and killing us up the climb early.  I took over the leading duties and slowed it down.  Very windy.

Tuesday - 10mi/69min in Pisgah w/George and Griffin.  Nice and easy run.  Beautiful day out in the woods.

Wednesday - 11mi*/75min - track workout 4-4-8-16-8-4-4 (70,70,2:24,4:58,2:20,70,67) w/half rest.  Ran w/Fyffe and Miller a few steps ahead on the first 8 and 16.  Was able to run with them for the rest of the workout.  I felt pretty tired going into this so I was pleased with the outcome.  (Boj, James, George, and Chris there too).  Lifted weights.

Thursday - 14mi/1:28 in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls.  Great run.  Saw Chris Hayhurst out there.  What's he doing running in my forest?  Legs good today.

Friday - 0mi.  Lot's of dunking at school.  9'2" two hands - two feet, reverses, one handers.  Lifted weights.

Saturday - 12mi*/1:16 - Fast Friends 4.5mi - 24:14(5:23) 4th place.  Man this race course is tough.  I had a good warm up with McKnight, Miller, and Matt Clark.  At the start of the race McKnight took off fast.  I hung behind Fyffe a few ticks.  Mark surged after the big down hill on Ash Hill and Fyffe just slowly put a couple seconds per mile on me.  I was thinking it would have been nice to quit at 3miles and again at 4miles.  The last half mile through the neighborhood is brutal.  I was a few seconds slower than the last 2 attempts, but oh well.  Here are my miles (5:11, 5:24, 5:25, 5:27, 2:43).  Had a nice cool down with a big group and then had fun at Andy's after. 

Sunday - 19mi*/2:01 on the Putney Rds w/Ferenc and Fyffe.  Great run.  We were rolling along enjoying the nice weather.  My legs feel pretty good.

Total - 76miles

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