Monday, October 22, 2012

Playing catch up

Week of sept 24-30: 50 miles with DeMar Marathon 2:37:04 Disappointing race. Faded at 18 blew up at 22 Tapered too long; peaked at pisgah 2 weeks earlier Week of oct 1-7: 11 miles recovery week took 5 days off limped around for 3 days Week of oct 8-14: 67 miles won a wiffle ball tournament with Fyffe and Boj(he was nasty on the mound 8ks) Ran the 8k in the pinnacle challenge 25:36 pr but some claim it's short which is believable seeing how crappy my body felt Week of oct 15-21: 66 miles ran a great 10mi fartlek workout 59:49 total time Raced the granite state 10miler 55:25(5:33) 1st place this was my longest road race win. Pulled away from Connor Jennings Around 2 miles ran solo the rest of the way. It was a beautiful day on a tough hilly course. miles: 5:30,5:41,5:41,5:32,5:35,5:41,5:33,5:21,5:15,5:31 Looking forward I want to start doubling again and lift 3 x a week. I also will be able to get back to the track for Wednesday workouts now that xc is just about finished. I'm excited for some trail races this fall and gearing up for big things on the indoor track. I'm looking to break the world record for the 4x800 for 35-39 year olds. I just need two more interested guys with the ability to run 2:02 or faster.

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  1. Nice job on winning the 10 mile race on Sunday. Can't wait for Lil Rhody in a few weeks.