Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week of January 23rd-29th

Monday 1/23 - 9mi/59min in Pisgah with Griffin. Good run it was nice running on the snowmobile trails. There was some freezing rain but it didn't bother us. Saw a black phase rough legged hawk (not while running). It was a very cool sighting.

Tuesday 1/24 - 0mi had to ref 2 games

Wednesday 1/25 - 12mi*/1:20. Baker St workout. 8 x 400(69,67,66,66,65,66,65,64)w/full rest. I ran these with the mindset of staying nice and relaxed and keeping something in the tank for Terrier on Saturday. Ran with Fyffe (James,Brad, Boj, George, and KSC'ers). Happy with how it went - feeling good! Lifted weights.

Thursday 1/26 - 9mi/57min in Pisgah with Griffin. Great run legs feel great. It started to snow a little while i was out there.

Friday 1/27- 0mi the weather sucked. I was feeling lazy.

Saturday 1/28 - 5mi*/32min - Terrier Classic mile(4:21.70) I got second in my heat and 50th overall. I miss timed my warm up and only got a mile in then i stood around waiting for my heat and hip number. Three steps into. The race i got my foot stepped on getting spiked bad badly. Ouch! I hit the 800 in 2:12 sitting in the back of the pack. I started to move up and really sprinted at the bell taking second place. It was a decent race. It was awesome seeing the first heat where 4 guys broke 4 min. Najem ran 150 and looked strong in the 800. Fun day.

Sunday 1/29 - 19mi*/1:59 on grafton roads with Fyffe Ferenc Najem and Goupil. We did a 3mi pick up in 1530. Then we started to do another 3 mi pick up but we went way too fast hitting the mile in 4:37. We stopped shy of the 2mi mark. Great run! Feeling fit.

Total - 54mi - need to get my miles up.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Last 3 Weeks

Monday 1/2 -16mi/1:45
Tuesday 1/3 - 8mi/52min
Wednesday 1/4 - 11mi/72min - 2miles(10:35) + 6x400(67,66,65,65,64,61)
Thursday 1/5 - 0mi
Friday 1/6 - 8mi/50:30
Saturday 1/7 - 11mi/74min - Peterborough 3.3mi race - 17:15(5:15) 1st place
Sunday 1/8 - 18mi/1:56
Total 72mi

Monday 1/9 - 0
Tuesday 1/10 - 10mi/71min
Wednesday 1/11 - 11mi*/74min - 2mi(10:34) + 3 x 1200(3:36,3:35,3:33)
Thursday 1/12 - 13mi/1:27
Friday 1/13 - 3mi/22min + 10mi/74min
Saturday 1/14 - 19mi*/1:57 - w/2 x 4mi pickups (22:12,20:47) Great run with fyffe and ferenc
Sunday 1/15 - 5mi/35min
Total 71mi

Monday 1/16 - 15mi/1:41
Tuesday 1/17 - 0mi
Wednesday 1/18 - 11mi*/70min - 8-4-4-4-2-2-2-2(2:14,65,63,61,29,30,28,27) w/full rest
Thursday 1/19 - 7mi/51min
Friday - 1/20 - 10mi/72min
Saturday 1/21 - 0mi
Sunday 1/22 - 18mi/2:03
Total 61mi

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 - A Look Back

Looking back at 2011, I'd have to say it was a pretty great year. First and best of all, I got married in October. Jen has been great for me and my running. I'm very lucky. (Now that I've made all my guy friends throw up in their mouths, I'll get onto the running highs and lows).
Total mileage - 3,341mi = 64.3 mile per week avg for the year. P.R.
I ran a total of 34 races, which was down a bit from last year. I set a few P.R.'s.

4mi-20:29 (tie P.R. from last year)
Half Marathon-1:10:26
50K trail-3:47:28 at Pisgah which was a P.R. by 17 minutes!!

Besides my P.R's I also had a few other races that I was really pleased with:

I was pumped to win Mt. Greylock and Savoy, two tough races that I've never won before setting personal bests on the courses, beating a strong field at Savoy.
I was very pleased with my Pisgah race, even though I didn't win.
I was pleased with the Cape Cod Marathon. My time was not great, but the conditions were brutal and it's a challenging course. I got 7th, which was the first time I scored in a grand prix.
I ran a 15:39 5K at the end of a 96 mile week this summer.
I was happy to win my 5th Lil Rhody. Next year I want to break 45min!!
I really enjoyed winning my heat in the only 2 800's I ran this year.
And finally, I had a really strong race at the Keene State Alumni Race. Finishing 4th for the Alumni on a really strong team.

Some of my lows are the Terrier Invite mile-4:26 where I totally tanked, James Joyce 10K where I got slower and slower (I was sick) and the Keene 4 0n the 4th - I just faded the last mile and simply didn't run very tough. Oh well, you live and learn.

I am really excited for 2012 and I have some goals set.
1. Stay Healthy
2. Run over 3,500 miles
3. Lift 3 x week
4. Run sub 4:20 in the mile
5. Run sub 8:40 in the 3000
6. Run sub 15:00 in the 5000
7. Run new p.r.'s for 5miles and 10K (they're soft 26:20/32:52)
8. Run sub 2:30 in the marathon
9. Win the Pisgah 50K
10. Score in at least 2 Grand Prix races
11. Run at least 6 Grand Tree races (last year was the first time in a long time I didn't score in that series -only 5 races)
12. Do doubles more!!

Here's wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year, with lot's of P.R.'s.

Week of December 26th-January 1st

Monday: 5mi/34min in Burlingame w/Griffin.

Tuesday: 13mi/1:20 on the Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. We were moving pretty well, feel great.

Wednesday: 11mi*/70min - track workout. 2000-1600-1200-400-200-200 - (6:21,5:04,3:46,72,29,29) 400rest for the long stuff and 200 rest for the 4 and 2's. Ran w/Fyffe. This was a great workout, I kept it very smooth. It was very cold and windy at the track. (James, Bryce, Kelsey, Chloe, and Bri also there)

Thursday: 13mi/1:22 in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Miller and the girls. Awesome run. Cold and crisp weather. lifted weights.

Friday: 10mi/71min on Westmoreland Tracks w/Fyffe, Ferenc, George, Larry and the girls. Nice and easy recovery day.

Saturday: 8mi/52min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Feeling good. Ready to race tomorrow.

Sunday: 8mi*/52min. Millenium Mile - 4:10, 5th place. + 4x200 (31,30,29,28) I started out much more conservatively this year. I hit the 400 in 65 seconds. I was 1:59 at the half, which I'm pretty sure was short. I didn't pick it up that much. I was 3:08 at 1200m and started to kick to try to catch Jenkins and Lutz. I got with an arm's length, but then faded a little in the last 100. It was great to see Najem win and run sub 4. The 200's after on the track felt awesome and it was a fun day with beautiful weather. I'm sure I'll be back again to try and get a little faster.

Total: 68mi