Friday, January 17, 2014

Week of January 13th - 19th, 2014

Am: 1mi with circuits at Fit Club with kids.
Pm:  6mi/48min on the trails of Saxton's River with Ferenc and the girls.  Wow.  This was a miserable run.  My body was exhausted and those damn hills with the snow, ice, and mud were the worst thing for me.  I needed either a day off or a flat easy run.  I kind of ruined the run for Ferenc as I stopped to walk on hills and plodded the rest of the time.  Lesson learned, don't run in Saxton's River if I need an easy day!

Am:  2mi/14min at Fit Club.  Very easy run.
Pm:  Had to ref 2 basketball games.  Legs feel great after reffing.

9mi*/61min - track workout at Monadnock.
8 x 400m with 200rest
Result:  (72, 71, 70, 69, 69, 70, 69, 64) - with Andy, Boj, and James

This was a No-Man's-Land workout.  Too fast for I pace (I also would run longer than 400's for I paced stuff) , too slow with not enough rest for R pace.  I got sucked into running a workout I didn't really want to do.  It went well, but what system was I stressing?  Oh well, I'll stick to Daniel's for now on.  Nice warm weather.

0mi.  Played some intense floor hockey at school today.  I should have run, but I wasn't feeling motivated.  Tomorrow lift and run.

8mi*/53min in Pisgah with Griffin + 3 x 8sec hill sprints.  I felt great today.  Days off work!  I thought I was racing at Smith College this weekend so I only did 3 hill sprints instead of 6.  Turns out the meet was last weekend!  Oops!  Well, at least I don't have to make the decision to do the meet or watch the Patriots play.  Patriots it is!

7mi*/47min - Track workout at Monadnock w/Ferenc
200-200-400-300-200-200 @ F pace with plenty of jogging/walking recovery
Result:  (30, 29, 58, 42, 29, 28)
It was fun to run fast!  The workout went well.  I wore my spikes which was a good idea due to the slick frozen track and the heavy snowfall that started coming down for the last few repeats.  Legs are good and tired now. 

17mi/2:05 in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Gorgeous day out there with the sun shining and 3 inches of fresh fluffy snow.

Total for the week:
50 miles
This was an ok week.  I got a good long run in, 2 speed workouts, and some hill sprints.  I didn't lift at all or do yoga this week.  I need to make sure I do those next week.  I'm racing at USATF Master's New England's next Sunday.


  1. Well, for a bad workout, you certainly looked strong. I'm sure you got some benefit from it.

  2. Thanks, James. You too. I know I got some benefit, I just probably didn't get the maximum benefit. One of my goals this year was to stick to Daniel's Formula for workouts. Next week!

  3. Dang, diesel workout on the snowy track!

  4. Legs are looking good, Greg! You're gonna rip this weekend.