Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week of February 10th - 16th

I've been lacking motivation in my training for quite some time now.  I realized I really haven't had a goal that was a real challenge that got me anxious and excited about pushing my limits.  Indoor track is fun, but I've been racing indoor since 2009.  I've been doing snowshoe races since 2004 and I've done the road grand prix since 2010.  Even though all these events are fun and challenging, I really was needing something new.  I almost pulled the trigger on signing up for a 100miler but instead I went with a 50mi race.  I'm officially signed up for the Cayuga Trails 50 in Ithaca, NY on June 1st.  I instantly felt pumped after registering and can't wait to start training.  I want to build up my long runs and just run high mileage.  I would like to gain endurance without sacrificing too much speed.  I'll be sure to mix in lot's of shorter races to stay sharp.

0mi.  Legs tired from the 24miler yesterday plus I'm getting a cold.

9mi/61min on the Gilsum trails with George and Griffin.  Good run.  We ran the snowmobile trails and we really should have thrown on snowshoes.  We were post-holing and slipping on every step making for a tiring but enjoyable run.

Am: 1mi + Circuits with Fit Club.
Pm: 10miSS/68min in Pisgah with Griffin.   I ran 8mi on snowshoes and then met up with Larry a coworker that was finishing his run.  I ditched the snowshoes and ran 2mi on the roads with him to finish the run.  The trails were packed and fast.  Perfect snowshoe conditions.  Feeling good.

4mi/27min on the snowy roads at night with the headlamp on.  I wasn't sure I was going to get out in the snow to run, but I finally found motivation at night.

0mi.  I spent the day shoveling the 14" of new snow that we have.  2 snow days in a row. 

11miSS/78min in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls.  Beautiful snowy wonderland out there.  Feeling good, body a little sore from all the shoveling.

19mi*/2:05 on the Grafton, VT roads with Ferenc.  Lot's of snow on the roads made for slow and slippery footing.  We ran a 4mi segment at 5:55 pace.  My left knee started to hurt during this run on the medial side.  I'll have to watch that.

Total for the week:
54miles.  I took 2 days off.  I'm fine with one day off a week, but I need to run 6 days.  I need to watch my knee closely, as it is pretty damn sore.  Jen says it's my medial plica that's inflamed.  It's nice having an athletic trainer in the house, I know all the standard running injuries, but this one felt new to me.  I probably over did it with the long runs the last 3 weeks all on roads.  The slipping probably played a part as well.


  1. Cayuuuuuuga! I think that's Brady's favorite word. Glad yer doin another 50 miler. It's been a while since the unofficial Bossman 50!

  2. Awesome Greg! That sounds like the perfect goal race, seems like you've got just the right situation leading in; great training grounds, great running base, great training partners, etc. The course looks spectacular. That's the national championship, too, right? I can't wait to see the ridiculous mileage you amass now, it's gonna drive Jonny crazy!

  3. Ha Ha. Yeah I need to get the miles up so I can beat Jonny this year on total miles. He smoked me last year. I can't live with that for another year! Cayuga is the 50mi trail championships, should be some really strong runners in the field.

  4. Awesome!!! I wanted to sign up for Cayuga last year, but didn't have a qualifying time. Got it at Nipmuck, and signed up for Cayuga the day it went on sale...can't wait!!! Let the training begin!

  5. Cool. Ultra trail runners have some serious new competition.