Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week of February 3rd - 9th, 2014

0mi.  Body exhausted from the long run on Saturday.

Am:  1mi + circuits with Fit Club. 
Pm:  0mi.  I was going to run more in the morning.  Too lazy.  I had to ref 2 games at night.

0mi.  I went for a nice snowshoe hike with Jen and Griffin in Pisgah during the snowstorm.  We got about 9" of fresh powder.  Too tired and lazy to run after all the shoveling and the hike.

0mi.  Had to ref 2 games again at night.  This is turning out to be a pathetic week.  Oh well.

6miSS/43min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Beautiful trail conditions.  Firm and fast on the snowmobile trails.  Good to finally get a run in.

12mi/1:27 with Ferenc and the girls in Pisgah.  I wore my micro spikes but probably should have worn snowshoes.  We stuck to the snowmobile trails.  Gorgeous sunny day in the woods. 

24mi*/2:42 on the Grafton,VT roads with Ferenc, MacKnight and Goupil.  Ferenc and Macknight dropped me and Goup on a huge dirt road climb that lasted 2 miles.  We regrouped and then continued on into the town of Grafton.  We stopped at the village store and Eric and Ferenc added on another mile+ while Goup and I bought some drinks.  I downed a Pepsi and Goup opted for a Gatorade.  I thought I was going to quit there after 2:14 of running, my legs were done.  The Pepsi pumped new life into me.  Goup and I finished the run feeling pretty good.  Nice long run on a beautiful day with fun company. 

Total for the week:
43miles.  No speed workouts, hell, not much running at all but I'll take it.  This was the last week of the basketball season which means I'm done with reffing.  The sun is setting much later so I should have no problems or excuses getting the miles in.  Next week I want to lift, do hill sprints, a workout, and a long run.  Shoot for 60miles.

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