Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week of June 16th to 22nd, 2014

0mi.   Lazy

5mi/33min in Friedsam solo.  Hot out there today.

0mi.  Lifted weights.  Went to a party for a coworker.  Beautiful weather, I should have run.

10mi/63min around Spofford Lake from my house.  I should call this a lake bang I guess.  This is a pretty darn hilly road run.  Felt great.

5mi/37min in Friedsam with Griffin.  Nice easy run.  Saw 2 deer.  Fantastic weather.  Lifted weights.

8mi/58min in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin.  I ran ahead of Jen and Griffin and waited for them to catch up in a couple spots.  Fun run.  Awesome weather again.  No humidity and cool.

0mi.  Felt tired and lazy all day.  Went and checked out some mountain bikes.  I'm going to buy one soon for some summer fun.

Total for the week:
28miles.  This week was pretty pathetic, I'm just not super motivated to train.  I still love running when I do get out for a run, but not feeling like running every day.  Maybe it's just a case of the End of School Year Blues.  I've been stuck in a rut.  Next week is my last week of school.  There's a lot going on with meetings and graduation.  I finally hit 1,000 miles for the year. 

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