Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week of June 23rd to 29th, 2014

0mi.  Feeling unmotivated to run.  Lethargy breeds lethargy.  I went fishing with Glenn and Jonny Dubs.  Caught 5 rainbow trout.  It was so fun to be out at the river casting lines and catching fish.  I hope to do a lot of fishing this summer.

0mi.  Lifted weights.  I had graduation and then the post graduation party with the 8th graders.  Played some laser tag and got to blast my students.  Fun times!  I'm going to miss those kids!

0mi.  Last day with the students.  Time to figure out my summer goals.  Do I want to run big miles, cross train, lift weights?  All of the above?  I got some soul searching to do I guess. 

0mi.  Hung out after school at Glenn's and played with Brady and Emma.  We tried to go fishing at night, but the river was way too high to fish. 

AM:  2mi/14min in Friedsam with Griffin.  Nice and easy run before my last day of school.
PM:  8mi/52min in Pisgah solo.  Perfect weather today, 75F with no humidity.  I felt great.  I guess I still know how to run after 5 days off.  Lifted weights.  Summer vacation begins!

12mi*/1:54 ran up and down Mt. Monadnock with George.  Nice run, beautiful day on the mountain.

8mi/54min in Pisgah solo.  Let out a loon call at Kilburn Pond and it was answered by a stranger in the woods.  Turns out it was MC.  He joined me for a nice refreshing swim in the pond.  I bought a new mtn. bike in the afternoon and went for a 45min ride with Jen around Stone Wall Farm.  So much fun!  For you bike geeks out there, I got a 2013 Specialized Crave 29 expert hardtail.  It feels fast on the flats, I'm getting used to the step in (clipless) pedals.  I can't wait til my skills get a bit better and I can ride with the big boys.

Total for the week:
30mi.  A pretty crappy week.  I'd call this the end of the school year let down.  Time to set some summer goals and get after it.  I plan on mtn biking a lot and maybe doubling less than in past years which will mean lower miles, but hopefully fresher legs with similar aerobic development, time will tell if it pays off fitness-wise, but it will definitely pay off in the fun department!

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  1. Will be looking forward to hearing about your summer goals (hopefully on a blog post soon, hint, hint). Enjoy the summer - it's so short.