Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week of November 24th to 30th, 2014

3mi/24min in Friedsam with Running Club.  It's fun running trails with those kids.  They make me laugh.

0mi.  I got out of work and it was dark and I was feeling unmotivated and lazy.

0mi.  Woke up early and drove to Corning, NY to beat the coming storm.  Hung out with family and had no time for a run.

8mi*/51min - Pie and Glove 5K Corning, NY - 16:14 (5:14) 4th place.
It was cold and snowy but the roads were clear.  I sat in fourth place through the mile  in 5:07 only a few ticks behind the 3 leaders.  The winner (Nick) made a strong surge after the mile, passing the college kids that were leading and they tried to go with him.  I immediately lost contact and ran the rest of the race in no-man's-land.  I just didn't have the fitness to match that move.  I didn't see any of the other mile markers, but I was clearly slowing down based on the gap that the 3 guys ahead were creating.  I hit the line in 16:14 for my slowest finish here ever after 5 years of racing.  I won a pie for my efforts but the results were messed up and I didn't get to pick up my pie.  I had fun and was pleased with my race even though it was my slowest there.  Great dinner after.  A race always makes the meal taste better!

4mi/38min in Watkins Glen State Park with Jen and Griffin.  This was a cold morning, 23 degrees.  We ran on the snow covered trails.  There were some awesome and somewhat scary views of the gorge below us.  Fun place to run.

0mi.  Drove back from NY and I had to shovel for a couple hours.  Didn't feel like running.  This is going to be a low mileage week anyway.

9mi/1:01 on the Athens, VT trails with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Fun running in the deep snow.  The traction was good and we didn't use snowshoes.  Nice easy run.

Total for the week:
24mi.  Pretty crappy week but I had a fun race and a nice trip out to NY.  I'll get the miles up next week.   This time of year is always a challenge with the lack of day light.

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