Monday, July 20, 2015

Week of June 29th - July 5th, 2015

0mi.  Drove up to Pittsburg, NH.  Legs sore and tired.  Staying right on the First Connecticut Lake in a little cabin.  No cell phones, no internet or cable.  Nice and peaceful.

0mi.  Hiked up Mt. Magalloway with Jen and Griffin.  Lot's of moose poop on the trail.  Great hike.  It's gorgeous up here.

2mi with Jen and Griffin in Johnson's Family Forest in Pittsburg.  Rainy day.  Hooked a trout on my fly rod but it broke my line.  I don't think I tie the right kind of knots on the flouro-carbon leader and it slipped, or it was a 5lb monster.  I then proceeded to shut my fly rod in the car door breaking it when I went to tie on another fly.  Uggghhhh!  I've been fishing for over 30 years and I've never broken a rod before.  It wasn't an expensive rod, but it was very frustrating!

0mi.  Hiked 800' Bog Bridge Trail with Jen and Griffin.  Drove home from Pittsburg.  It was a great relaxing trip.  Caught a brown trout in the Ashuelot on spinning tackle when I got home and 2 smallies.

9mi/60min on the WML tracks with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Beautiful weather.  Lifted weights and got enormous.

10mi*/63min - Keene 4 on the 4th road race - 21:40 (5:25) 9th place.  Good race.  I ran very even splits and ended up dueling with Dawson Adams (George's 16yr old son).  We yo-yo'd in the last mile several times and then he dropped me with a strong surge with 400m to go.  It felt like a flash back to 2006 (I believe) when I was battling with George in the last mile where he pulled away for the win.  Now I'm battling with his son.  Pretty cool!  Jonny ran a big pr and then was left out of the official results.  Thomas won his 4th straight title which is the most wins at this race, putting him in the discussion for 4 on the 4th GOAT.  He still has Fyffe's monster course record of 19:23 to chase.  That time is freaking fast!  We spent the afternoon at Stoddard with the family.  Fun day.

13mi/1:30 in Goose Pond trails with Thomas.  Nice weather.  My legs are sore from the race.

Total for the week:
34mi.  Fun trip to Pittsburg.  I could have run up there, but I didn't mind chilling in the cabin and hanging at the lake all day being lazy.  The hikes were nice and I'm content with my race effort.

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  1. After doing some better research on the 4 on the 4th:
    Mark Miller has also won 4 times in '03,'04,'05, and '07. He has a pr of 19:39 on the course from '07.
    Justin Fyffe's course record is 19:22.
    Thomas is still the only runner to win 4 years in a row.