Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week of January 18th to 24th, 2016

0mi.  I put on the xc skis and went in Pisgah for an hour.  We had just enough new snow out there to make the conditions pretty good. 
I went to Central Rock Gym in Hadley, MA with Brett and his co-worker Alan.  We climbed for 5+hrs.  It was exhausting but fun.  I climbed well in the beginning doing one 5.10 and mostly 5.9's.  After an hour I was toast and couldn't hold onto much but kept on plugging away.  Nice way to spend a day off from work.

0mi.  I skied in the morning 20min and again in the afternoon for 30min.  My body is sore and stiff.

I skied 30min in the morning before school on my beaver pond.
PM:  10mi*/72min - Baker St track workout with Thomas and Andy.
1mi + 2 x 800m + 4 x 400m with 400rest after the mile and 800s, 200rest after the 400s.
(5:23, 2:40, 2:43, 78, 77, 75, 73)

0mi.  xc skied 30min in Pisgah with Griffin.  The snow is thin in spots.
Rock climbed at night in George's barn with George and Andy.

0mi.  xc skied 15min before school on my beaver pond.
I tried some skate skiing in the afternoon at Chesterfield School fields with my co-workers for 30min.  Skate skiing is a lot of fun but I tweaked my left shoulder.  It hurt when I poled hard while skiing.  I probably just over did it with the climbing and skiing this week.

0mi.  Went for a good hike in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin.  My shoulder was sore when I tried to run so I just decided to rest it and hike.

AM:  lifted weights at the Y and did 1mi + drills after.  Shoulder felt ok.
PM:  7mi*/43:37 progression run in Pisgah solo with the micro-spikes on.  Felt great!  Beautiful sunny day, 27 degrees.

Total for the week:
18mi.  I got two days of fast running and a lot of skiing and rock climbing.  Shoulder is feeling better, I just overworked it.  I'll be fine.

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