Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week of Sept. 20th-26th

Monday: 5mi / 38 min. in Pisgah w/Griffin - very sore quads

Tuesday: 0mi - extremely sore today and have a nasty cold.

Wednesday: 5mi / 35 min. in Pisgah w/M.C., Griffin, and Jimmy - Good run, have a cold and legs are still a wee sore.

Thursday: 2mi / 15 min w/XC team - feelin sick and crappy today

Friday: 12mi/ 1:23 in Gilsum Woods w/George, Griffin, and Seben. Good run, I wasn't sure if Seben was gonna make it. He was toast! Too hot and too far for the little guy. We hosed him down after, I think he's alright.

Saturday: 9mi / 67min in Pisgah w/Glenn, Griffin, and Jimmy. Hot and humid in morning. We went for a swim in Baker Pond. I couldn't believe how cold it was already, it felt very refreshing.

Sunday:18mi / 2:00 in Putney w/Fyffe and Ferenc. Great run, feeling good. Perfect fall weather. pm - Hiked Dublin Trail up Mt. Monadnock w/Jen, Mark, and Mary. We had a fantastic hike. We made pretty good time up (1 hr). The clouds rolled in while we were on the summit but the views were excellent just above tree-line. The fall foliage is at peak near the mountain. Had a nice chat about Sasquatch on the descent. He lives!!

Total: 51mi - Recovery week. I had a great day on Sunday. Climbing Monadnock always makes me think about doing more epic runs on the trails. I love autumn, it really gets me excited about trail running. Next week, I want to get my mileage in the 80's and get back to the track.

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  1. So this week, your average run is 3 miles and your long run was 5, so your delta is only 2. That's not too bad man ;). I hope you feel bettah soon!!!