Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week of Aug 30th-Sept 5th

Monday: 0 mi

Tuesday: 8mi / 51 min. in Pisgah w/Griffin - hot miserable weather, but feeling good.

Wednesday: 8mi* / 54 min. 9 x 200m w/200 rest (36,36,38,34,33,33,31,31,30) w/Clint and Sam. Very easy workout. I got this workout from Running Times. It's a 5k sharpening workout. I'm pulling a double j this weekend(racing 2 x) so I wanted to go easy.

Thursday: 9mi/ 65 min in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Glenn, and the Girls. Slow and easy, very hot and humid. Saw a porcupine and lost my watch swimming in Kilburn Pond.

Friday: 0 mi - woke up very early (2:30 am) went and lifted upper body at 5 am, then was gonna run, but went back to bed. Watched Hinsdale XC meet. Wish I ran, oh well. This is gonna be a very low mileage week. Tomorrow race at KSC Alumni Meet.

Saturday: 14mi* / 1:30 - KSC Alumni 5k-16:33 (5:20) 7th. Felt pretty good, I faded at 2 miles and rallied a little at 2 3/4mi. Slow times because of the thick grass and hot weather. Alumni won. I had a lot of fun and am glad that the Keene Staters have accepted me as one of their own. Good long cool down w/Fyffe, Najem, Ferenc, Bridgewater, Gavs, and Wilson. Tomorrow Wapack.

Sunday: 21mi* / 2:45 - Wapack Trail Race-2:36 5th. Tough race. My climbing legs were fried going into this from the race yesterday. I could feel my lack of power on the very first climbs. Despite this, I went out with the heavy weights: Double J, Brian Rusieki, and David Herr. I was able to hang with them until the turn around, but figured my race was done, time to survive. I hiked up Mt. Watatick and watched them run off into the distance. I was able to run well on the downhills and the flats, but I had to hike every climb. I got passed at around 2 hrs. I was very happy to finally see the finish line. I enjoyed the beautiful views, perfect weather, good post-race food, and the great conversations with the other runners. Hats off to David Herr who won in a blazing 2:23. I think I got what I wanted out of this race: a good hard effort for Pisgah on tired legs. Pisgah is gonna be tough, since the top 3 guys at Wapack will be there running the 50k. I'm sure I'll do better on fresh legs. It should be epic.

Total: 60mi - Not a great week training wise. I need to get out the door before school next week and get my mileage back up. I had fun running both races, but it's tough to race twice in a weekend! Next week racing the Josh Billings Runaground Tri as part of a team. I'm gonna train through this one, shhhh, don't tell my teammates.


  1. Good luck at Wapack! I'm excited to see how you do on a trail race....

  2. Good weekend ace. This will definitely help for the 19th.

  3. So, whose house am I staying at for the race and where are we eating (and drinking)?

  4. Mine is available if you want. It's a shorter walk to the start!