Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week of Sept. 6th-12th

Monday: 7mi /56 min in Pisgah w/Jen and Griffin

Tuesday: am 3mi / 21 min in Friedsam w/Griffin
pm 10mi / 72 min in Pisgah w/George and Griffin - legs tired, crappy run

Wednesday: 4 mi / 32 min w/XC team + run home
10mi / 70 min in Pisgah w/Boj and Griffin - legs still fatigued. Nice cool weather

Thursday: 2mi* / 15min in Pisgah w/M.C., Jimmy, and Griffin - 6 x 20 second ballistic sprints w/form work. Feel great.

Friday: 13mi / 1:26 in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, and the Girls, Bailey too - Great run. The weather was awesome. Pushed the climb up to the ridge.

Saturday: 7mi / 59 min. in Pisgah w/Hinsdale XC team and Jimmy, and Griffin - very slow run, but a fun day.

Sunday: 12mi* / 1:20 Josh Billings 6mi race - 32:20 (3rd) - 5th place team, 1st in division. Happy w/race. Nice cool conditions. Fyffe went by me just before the 2mi mark. Was wimpy on a couple climbs, but ended the race with a good push up the last long climb. Had a good kick. Good post race refreshments and conversations.

Total: 68mi - Decent week. Pisgah is next week. Try not to go crazy thinking about it and enjoy the cooler weather.

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