Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January is over, bring on February.

January totals: 242 miles = 54.7 mpw avg.

I ran 3 races. 2 were terrible, 1 was decent. The Millenium Mile was a bust because of over excitement and poor race tactics (I went out too fast). The Terrier mile was crappy because I just had an off day. I got a fever on Sunday, I was probably getting sick on Sat. I'm sure that had some effect. The 800m at GBTC Invite was pretty good. My legs felt great, I ran even splits, and I destroyed my heat. I would have liked to have run faster, but it was the first 800 of the season. I got in some great track workouts but I focused on short and fast stuff at R pace. I need some tempo runs and I pace, longer workouts. I got plenty of long runs.

I'm looking forward to February. The days get longer and the sun feels stronger. I need to focus on lifting 3 times a week, getting in tempo runs and longer intervals. I'm going to run a couple snowshoe races. Why fight it? The winter is giving us one of the best snowshoe seasons ever, I should be out there racing. I would like my mileage to be around 55-65 mpw.


  1. I agree, good plan (except for the snowshoe racing part). ;)

  2. yo ace, does that mean your not doin the mile at valentines ? i know you could bust a 416 or so. but thats just me talkin. no worries. 'good luck, im sure this decision wont haunt you forever.' -lance armstrong in dodgeball. church.

  3. thank you boj, I agree. Greg should do Valentine, New Englands, and anything that doesn't involve going and smoking me at a snowshoe race ;)

  4. Jim, I don't know why you're so worried about me doing snowshoe races. You have nothing to be afraid of. I think you are easily, well most likely, one of the top 25 snowshoe racers in New England. Well at least top 50 or so... you're pretty good anyway.