Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week of February 21st-27th

Monday: 10mi / 72min on Keene Rail Trail w/George, Fyffe, Miller, Ferenc, and the girls. Nice and easy run. Lifted weights.

Tuesday: 3mi / 25min in Burlingame w/Griffin. Crappy run. The trail was all frozen footprints which made for slow and obnoxious footing. At least in New Hampshire we have snow mobiles and snowshoes to make for smooth trails on the snow.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 72min. Track workout. 3x 1mile w/800rest. (4:54,4:58,4:55) Boj and I drove to the Westerly High track which had no snow on it. He ran the first and last 400 of the miles with me. This was a very Ho-Hum workout. I thought I would be able to run faster, it was windy, but mostly I just felt a little flat. Oh well, it was nice to be on a track again. Saw a black vulture flying around Westerly.

Thursday: 9mi / 71min. Rome Pt. w/Jonny and Griffin. Fun run. Jonny gave me the tour of one his favorite running spots in RI. It was cool running to the Jamestown Bridge.

Friday: 10mi s.s. / 70min in Pisgah w/George, Ferenc, and the girls. It was snowing pretty hard, with 6 fresh inches on trails.

Saturday: 10mi / 68min on Putney Rds. w/Fyffe and Ferenc. Feeling decent, ready to race tomorrow.

Sunday: 17mi* / 1:45. DH Jones 10mi - 55:29(5:33) 4th. I was pleased with this race considering the very tough snowy and slippery conditions. I tried to hang w/Andy but he was too strong, he pulled away at 3miles and I watched him put 3 or 4 seconds per mile on me after that.

Total: 70mi - Good weekly total. I want to get some more lifting in next week and possible race a 25k on the roads down on Long Island.


  1. Nice workout. I guess it was a all around good day

  2. Seems good to me. Good one. It must have been nice to be on the track.

  3. Nice workout...Ho-hum my ass!!

    On a more important note, nice tag on the BV! I didn't know they were up this far. Angus caught (what I thought was) one by the tail feathers at the Indian Caves in A-town several years ago. Unfortunately it was just an immature GD TV!!!

  4. Greg - I'm glad you got to do Rome Point with me. I wish it was a week later - the trails are now clear and fast!