Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week of February14th-20th

Monday: 9mi / 63min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the girls at night. Beautiful night, warm and we didn't need headlamps because the moon was so bright. Had to ref two games.

Tuesday: 0mi - Had to ref two games.

Wednesday: 12mi* / 1:14. Baker St. workout. 2mile - (9:50). 800 rest. 4x4oo w/full rest (70,69,67,61). Awesome workout. w/Fyffe, Mark, Goupil, and Andy(he did 2x2mile)(Brad, Jim Kyle, and James there also.) Mark and I pushed each other on the 2mile and the 400's were great. We let it fly on the last one and Mark, Fyffe, and I all finished together. It was really fun. Good times at Armadillos as always.

Thursday: 9mi / 63min in Saxton's River w/Ferenc and the girls. Ran at night. Had to use headlamps this time as the full moon was behind the clouds until the last 10 minutes of our run. Legs a little sore today. Lifted weights.

Friday: 4mi / 32min in Pisgah w/M.C. and the wolves. Nice and easy. Warm weather. Wore shorts and no winter hat. It got up to 62 F today. 50 degrees when we ran.

Saturday: 7mi / 47min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the girls. Good run. Gorgeous sunny day.

Sunday: 18mi* / 1:50 on Gilsum Rds. w/George. We put a nice effort into this one. It was good to run on dry roads for a change with no ice. Started out cold from the wind, but the wind died and it was warm and sunny.

Total: 59mi - Good week. Looking forward to Feb. vacation next week. I'm going down to Rhody for a few days. I'm hoping to get a track workout in on a snowfree track and run some clear trails. We'll see if they get snow on Monday like we're supposed to. I'm excited to race at DH Jones next Sunday too.


  1. You're the Dick Bavetta of running. Nice race on Saturday, tough course.

  2. is he the nba ref who raced charles barkley?

  3. Mike: I had to google Dick Bavetta. He's the Brett Favre and Cal Ripken Jr. of NBA reffing. I bet I've called more jump balls in 9 years of reffing middle school girls basketball than he has in 30 years of reffing the pros!
    Bob: Thanks!

  4. yo ace, what am i, minced chimp ? ahahahahah! thats goin way back into the old joke files. also it probably only took you like 9 games to call as many jump balls as he did for his career. those games have almost as many jumps as points.

  5. Sorry, Boj. The jumpball comment was mostly for you because I knew you would understand exactly what I was saying. You've seen it first hand. I've definitely called 20 times more travels than Dick Bavetta ever has, (if he's called any).

  6. i agree, ace. chirp, your right too, especially if the player is wearing #24, 6, or 3.