Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week of April 11th-17th

  1. Monday: 0mi - medicine ball workout

  2. Tuesday: 9mi / 61min Saxton's River trails w/Ferenc, the girls, and Whistle. Muddy nasty run. My legs still feel pretty terrible.

  3. Wednesday: 11mi* / 74min. Track workout. 200-200-800(200rest after 2's, 400rest after 8's) (33,33,2:23,33,33,2:18,33,33,2:17,33,33,2:12)w/Andy, Goupil, Clint, Fyffe, and Ferenc (Brad and James there too) Good workout. After two days off in a row and dead legs on Tuesday, this was a big confidence booster. I was starting to think I didn't know how to run.

  4. Thursday: 0mi

  5. Friday: 0mi

  6. Saturday: 14mi /1:31 in Pisgah w/Griffin. Nice morning run. Medicine ball workout. Had fun at Joel's wedding.

  7. Sunday: 0mi

  8. Total: 34mi - Great week of lethargy.

1 comment:

  1. i didnt run on sunday either, but it wasnt cuz of paintball. the hermathon that followed it left me completely useless the next day and most of monday.