Monday, April 4, 2011

Week of March 28th-April 3rd

Monday: 0mi - threw javelin with Glenn's kids.

Tuesday: 11mi / 74min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Nice run. Medicine ball workout.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 69min. Baker St. workout. 2x1mile + 800m (4:48,4:33,2:12) 400rest. w/Fyffe, Andy, Ferenc, Goupil, and Boj (James and Brad there also). Great workout. I felt really good. Fyffe measured the route 3 times because we all expected it was a wee bit short. Maybe Double J can come down and measure it just to be sure!

Thursday: 11mi / 74min in Pisgah w/Griffin.

Friday: 0mi - lifted weights and went for a hike. Saw a bald eagle and two red shouldered hawks eating a carcass on the ice of the beaver pond behind my house.

Saturday: 9mi* / 58min S.E.A. 5K-15:54(5:07) 1st. O.K. race. I was happy to get the win, but I have a little stomach bug and my legs were pretty flat from the hard workout on Wednesday. (5:00,5:09,5:13,32) were my laps. Medicine ball workout in afternoon.

Sunday: 20mi* / 2:19 on Keene Rds. w/Fyffe, George, James, and Goupil. Nice run, beautiful spring weather.

Total: 62mi - Pretty good week. I need to be a little bit more sensible in my workouts. Pleased with race and long run.

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