Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week of April 18th-24th

  1. Monday: 9mi / 57min in Burlingame w/Griffin. Nice run. Had to follow the Boston Marathon by reading updates on letshate.com. Talk about frustrating! I can't believe I couldn't get it online or on tv, it's the biggest race in the world!! Very annoying to read what all the morons had to say about Hall, Desiree, and others. "No guts, didn't want it enough, poor strategy, blah, blah, blah." Great job everyone!

  2. Tuesday: 5mi / 45min in Burlingame w/Pard and Griffin. Ran to the pond. Pard is in damn good shape for 68 years young. + 9mi / 62min in Rome Pt. trails w/Jonny. Good run. Saw some deer, dogs, and brant.

  3. Wednesday: 11mi* / 74min Track workout: 8x400m w/200rest(65,67,65,65,65,64,65,xx) w/Fyffe, Miller, Pipp, and McKnight (KSC college boys and girls there + James also) Good workout. Those Keene Staters really push the recovery. Who do they think they are, Bob Wiles? It was tough. Calves started cramping on the last 400 so I bailed at 300m.

  4. Thursday: 17mi* / 2:02 in Saxton's River Trails w/Ferenc and the girls. Great run. We ran up some very cool trails, it was extremely windy. My left achilles is very sore. I'll have to watch it.

  5. Friday: 0mi - Resting my achilles which is quite sore. Went for a hike with Jen and Griffin. Got engaged!!

  6. Saturday: 10mi* / 65min. Greenfield 5K - 16:25(5:18) 2nd. Tough race. 33 degrees, snowing and freezing rain, hills, and lot's of slick turns. Fyffe won 15:49. Good workout. Achilles felt better after racing.

  7. Sunday: omi -Easter Sunday down in Norfolk with Jen's family.

  8. Total: 61mi


  1. Great week -especially Friday!!

  2. Congratulations on the win!!

  3. thanks everyone, I'm excited!

  4. I'm just realizing that you and Jen are engaged!! That's so exciting - congratulations!!