Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week of May 16th-22nd

Monday: 0mi - lifted weights

Tuesday: 10mi / 67min in Pisgah w/Griffin. My (r) piriformis is very sore. Ouch that run hurt. Jen ran a shorter loop and we crossed paths twice on the run which was fun. Griffin got a good speed workout in sprinting ahead to catch Jen.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 68min. Track workout - 5 x 200, 400 w/200rest (35,71,34,69,33,68,32,66,30,63) w/Andy (James and Boj there too). Good workout, I was a little stiff but it went well.

Thursday: 8mi / 52min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Lifted weights

Friday: 7mi / 45min in Pisgah w/Griffin.

Saturday: 13mi* / 1:20 Northfield Mtn Race 6.4mi - 37:51-6th (5:37,5:53,7:39,6:48,5:05,4:45,1:58) This was an o.k. race. I felt like I climbed alright. I went back and forth with Ben Nephew and he was ahead at the top. Usually, I feel like I can really descend well and make up some time. I didn't have a ton of zip in my legs and didn't make up any ground on Andy and Tim Pipp. I thought I would be able to catch them. I bet we had just about the same splits on the way down. I was able to pass Ben very early into the descent but I really didn't put much time on him after that. I crossed the line in 6th place with a new p.r. for the course. I've run 37:55 before, back in 2006. Ben was 4 seconds back that year, and the same amount this year. This was a competitive field and it was nice to see the Keene area represented so well. Thanks to Dave Dunham for directing a great event.

Sunday: 12mi / 1:20 Keene Rail Trail w/Boj, Fyffe, Ferenc, Najem, Shaun P., and Lena and Ellie. This was a nice flat, slow, recovery run. Wow am I sore. Those downhills from the race kicked my butt!!

Total: 61mi - O.K. week. Want to get in the 70's next week with no racing. Lift and get a long run.

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