Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week of May 23rd to 29th

Monday: 0mi - Had a track meet. I'm very sore today.

Tuesday: 3mi / 25min + 10mi / 66min. I ran with the track team in Friedsam did some core stuff with the team, then came home and immediately got out the door with Griffin for a good run in Pisgah. I'm still really sore from Northfield. My hamstrings are the worst.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60min. Track workout: 400-400-mile (72, 73, 5:05) w/200 rest. w/Andy and Ferenc. (Boj, Fyffe, Miller, Najem, James, George, and Brad there too) This was a lousy workout. I warmed up with very sore hamstrings. I did some leg swings before the workout, and that seemed to make my hammy's even worse. I decided I would go tempo pace and run 5:16-5:20 pace for my efforts. I hit the 400's too fast and my legs were screaming. I did the mile, shooting for 5:16 and again I ran too fast, and my legs really hurt. I decided to call it a day. It made me feel a little better to know that Andy was feeling the exact same way and he cut his workout short too. A good soak in the happy river made my legs feel a little better.

Thursday: 11mi / 73min in Saxton's River trails w/Ferenc and the girls. Nice and easy.

Friday: 8mi / 54min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Went for a swim in Fullam Pond. Saw a wood cock and the season's first deer fly. They should be in full force in 10 days or so. lifted weights

Saturday: 11mi / 76min in Burlingame w/Griffin. Took a nice swim in Watchaug Pond. Body a little stiff from the drive down to RI.

Sunday: 11mi / 82min in Burlingame w/Jonny and Griffin. Nice run through some fun technical single track trails.

Total: 63mi- O.K. week. I've felt pretty stiff, maybe from the adjustment to the humidity. Need to make sure I stretch well and lift.

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