Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week of May 2nd-8th

  1. Monday: 0mi - drove to RI for Nature's Classroom

  2. Tuesday: 10mi* / 58min to Snug Harbor. Good m.p. run. I have a sinus infection but this was a nice effort.

  3. Wednesday: 10mi / 64min to Snug Harbor

  4. Thursday: 7mi / 48min to the water tower. Feeling tired today. Sinus bug kicking my butt

  5. Friday: 0mi

  6. Saturday: 5mi / 33min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Ready to race tomorrow.

  7. Sunday: 10mi* / 64min. Nashua 6K - 19:38(5:16) -14th. I was pleased with my effort considering I really felt run down from my sinus infection. I went out conservatively. Tim VanOrden passed me around 2.5miles. I tried to hang on to him. I was hurting after the 3mile mark. He got about a 3 second gap on me with half a mile to go. I was able to dig down and kick by him in the last straight away. He helped pull me a long. CMS won the team title. PM: 8mi / 49min on Keene Rail Trail. Felt really good.

  8. Total: 50miles- Not a great week due to my sinus infection but I managed to run a decent race. Looking forward to next week.

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