Monday, June 6, 2011

Week of May 30th - June 5th

Monday: 21mi / 2:50 Ferenc to Fyffe's Epic Ridge Run. w/ Ferenc, Fyffe, Pipp, Goupil, George, Boj, and James. Hot weather fun run. Great swim after in the magical healing waters of Putney, VT.

Tuesday: 0mi. Mowed the lawn and was lazy

Wednesday: 0mi. lifted weights. We had some crazy weather. Hail and funnel clouds, yikes.

Thursday: 14mi* / 1:29 in Pisgah w/Griffin. Great run. This was an m.p. run. Doesn't look that fast but it's my fastest time on that loop. Piriformis pretty sore.

Friday: 10mi / 67min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Nice and easy. Beautiful sunny day with no humidity. I love this weather.

Saturday: 0mi - had a track meet all day. Kids had some good performances. I got fried to a crisp, nice farmer's tan. Didn't feel like running, just wiped out. Should have run early.

Sunday: 10mi* / 62min. Rhody 5K - 15:45(5:05) 24th place. (4:58,5:03,5:12,31) Beautiful weather. 75 degrees with no humidity. I felt pretty good most of the way but the last half mile I really started to struggle. Andy passed me with about 400 to go and I tried to hang on to him. I'm pleased with my effort. I'm happy that we won the team title. CMS is on a roll! After the race, I drove back with George and Goupil and we ran 10 more miles in Keene to make it a solid 20mile day. We iced our legs in the happy river after. Ahhh that's cold!
pm: 10mi / 70min - nice and easy on the Keene Rail Trail w/George and Goup.

Total: 65mi - I really wish I didn't take 3 days off. This could have easily been an 85 mile week. I need to make sure I lift and run 80 miles next week. Time to get serious. Track coaching is done. Do at least 2 doubles.

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