Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week of July 11th-17th

Monday: 14mi / 1:40 in Gilsum Woods w/George. Nice and easy run. Legs a little tired. Dunked in the Putney swimming hole to heal my legs. Lifted weights.

Tuesday: 18mi* / 1:53 on Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. It was hot and humid out. This was a good run. Running up the big hill was very tough in the heat, tough to breathe. Dipped in the magical Putney waters after the run.

Wednesday: 12mi* / 74min. Track workout - 8x200 (33 second avg) w/200m rest. We kept the rest very honest and ran fairly quick. w/Andy, Fyffe, and Clint (James, Boj, Ockel, Jen, and Angella there also) The weather turned pretty nasty and we ran in a downpour with some flashes of lightning. As we finished are long cool down, the rain stopped and the sun came out revealing a beautiful double rainbow. Cool stuff. Feeling good. Lifted weights.

Thursday: 8mi* / 52min at Hinsdale Fun Run. 1mile - 5:12 / 2.3mi - 12:43. I won both of these and it was a tempo effort. My legs are pretty tired. Time to take it easy for Stowe.

Friday: 10mi / 71min on Westmoreland Rail Trail w/Ferenc and the girls (Boj and Jen there too) Nice and easy. Dipped at Putney to ice the legs after.

Saturday: 5mi / 34min on Westmoreland Tracks w/Goupil and Griffin. Nice and easy iced the legs again at Putney.

Sunday: 13mi* / 1:26 - Stowe 8miler - 44:33 (5:34) 34th place, 6th for CMS. It was hot out there. I didn't race with a watch which was a good idea. I felt like I really raced out there and had a pretty strong last mile. When I crossed the line I was surprised to see my time was almost a full minute slower than last year. The heat definitely slowed me down. I got some help out there from Kevin Tilton and TiVo who pushed me most of the way. The swimming hole, ice cream, and free chromium replacements were the best part of the day. Our mustaches looked awesome as always, it's great being on such a fun team!

Total: 80mi - Ok week. My legs have been heavy but they felt ok during the race. I need to be better about lifting next week and doubling.

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