Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week of July 4th-10th

Monday: 10mi* / 64min. 4 on the 4th - 20:29 (5:07) 7th - o.k. race. faded badly last mile. Oh well.

Tuesday: 14mi / 1:30 on Grafton Trails w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Boj, and Ellie and Lena. Good run. Some big climbs. My legs are tired.

Wednesday: 5mi / 33min in Friedsam w/ Griffin
9mi* / 59min - track workout 2mi (10:41) 200 (31) 4x4oo (71,69,68,66) 200 rest. Ran the 400's w/Andy and Fyffe. Legs were tired. Big crew at the track today: Jen, Boj, Clint, Angella, Brad, James, and Okle.

Thursday: 10mi / 73min in Pisgah w/Griffin and (M.C. and Jimmy and Jen)
pm- 8mi* / 54min - Hinsdale Fun Run- 1mile - 4:59 / 2.3mile - 12:25. Got 2nd in both of these. Ferenc ran very fast in the mile (4:33) and ran 12:02 in the 2.3. My legs felt dead and this was a tough effort. Big mileage day too.

Friday: 0mi

Saturday: 5mi / 43min in Dover, MA town forest. Ran with Jen and Griffin. It was miserably humid. It was a cool place to run but Jen twisted her ankle very badly half way out. I thought I was going to have to carry her but she toughed it out. Had fun with the families in Norfolk, MA.

Sunday: 23mi* / 2:28 in Saxton's River Trails + 5miles on roads immediately after at 6 min pace. I ran the trails with Fyffe, Ferenc, the girls, Whistle, and Boj. I ran the roads with Ferenc. This was a great run, I felt good the whole way.

Total: 84mi - I'm pleased with this week. I need to lift and stretch more, I've been neglecting those things, but the workouts and long run and doubles were great.

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