Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week of June 27th-July 3rd

Monday: 10mi / 69min in Pisgah. Lifted weights

Tuesday: 9mi / 67min in Pisgah w/M.C. and wolves
10mi / 64min - Putney rds. w/Fyffe and Ferenc

Wednesday: 12mi* / 1:20 - track workout 2,2,4x4 (34,33,68,32,31,65,33,32,67,32,31,60) full rest w/Fyffe and Andy (M.C., Jen, Brad, and James also there) lifted weights

Thursday: 7mi / 56min - Daniel's Mtn. w/Josh D. Good run. lifted weights

Friday: 0mi - fishing trip caught 5 stripers one 20lb'er, 2 sea bass, and 2 skates. Good times!!

Saturday: 11mi / 1:26 in Burlingame w/Jonny, M.C., and Griffin. Nice and easy.

Sunday: 8mi / 51min on Westmoreland Rail Trail w/Ferenc, Fyffe, the girls, and (Jen) Nice and easy ready for race tomorrow. lifted weights

Total: 67mi

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